2021 Exoplanet Archive News

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January 11, 2021

New Year, New Planets

For our first release of 2021, we have a new multi-planet system in the archive: TOI 561. All of the system's five planets were observed by NASA's TESS and are published in two papers, Lacedelli et al. and Weiss et al. These discoveries are also featured today in the news: A Rocky Planet Around One Of Our Galaxy's Oldest Stars (Keck Observatory).

Two additional planets have also been added to the archive, both of which were observed as transits: TOI-776 b & c.

Check out the new planetary data in the Planetary Systems Table (gamma) or its companion table, Planetary Systems Composite Parameters (beta), which offers a more complete table of planet parameters combined from multiple references and calculations. The Confirmed Planets, Composite Planet Data, and Extended Planet Data interactive tables are also updated with new planetary and stellar data.