Interactive Viewer Search and File Upload

On this page, you may submit a location on the sky and radius or a list of planets and/or host names and view the resultant planetary parameters in an interactive table.

Host names will return all planets for that system, while planet names will return only that planet. Redundant entries or aliases in the input list will produce repeat entries in the table; no attempt is made to ensure uniqueness. Only aliases within the Exoplanet Archive database are checked; no queries are made to SIMBAD.

These large data sets have their own search interfaces:

See the Search User Guide about using the search interface.

Source Designations

Objects can be identified using any name recognized by the Exoplanet Archive. This includes several catalogs, but Hipparcos, HD and Kepler names are the most reliable. See the Accepted Identifiers and Catalogs page for the full list.

To search the KOI or TCE tables by KIC, use the full identifier string, e.g., KIC 757450.

Object names with an extra trailing lower-case character (once any host name resolution is done on the leading characters) is taken to mean a specific planet.

You may only search one table at a time; if your file lists objects in multiple tables, you will only see results for objects in the table you select. Long lists may take several minutes to run. Radial searches on the TCE table are limited to 1 degree.

Objects in your list that are not in the archive will be ignored.

  • Planetary Systems
  • Kepler Objects of Interest (Cumulative List)

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For more information about using the interactive tables and details on the upload file format, see the Interactive Table User Guide.