Exoplanet and Candidate Statistics

On this page we have assembled statistics for various categories of confirmed exoplanets and Kepler candidates. All values here come from the Confirmed Planets and KOI Cumulative interactive tables.

The Exoplanet Archive's collection of known exoplanets were discovered using a variety of methods, and many have been detected using multiple methods. The following tables show the number of planets contained within the Exoplanet Archive whose discovery can be attributed to a particular technique. The criteria by which a planet is included in the Exoplanet Archive is described on our Exoplanet Criteria page.

Clicking on a link returns a pre-filtered interactive table for that particular data set. For more information about building your own custom search queries, see the Pre-filtering Tables help document.

For a list of published, refereed papers that derive planet occurrence rates, please see our Planet Occurrence Rate Papers page. (This list is not exhaustive; to suggest a paper, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.)

Summary Counts

All Exoplanets 3706
Kepler Confirmed Planets 2342
Kepler Project Candidates Yet To Be Confirmed 2245
K2 Confirmed Planets 307
K2 Candidates Yet To Be Confirmed 479

Kepler Mission Counts

Confirmed Planets1
(mission and community)
Candidates and Confirmed in Habitable Zone 1, 2
(180 K < Equilibrium (T) < 310 K) or
(0.25 < Insolation (Earth flux) < 2.2)
Kepler Project Candidates 2 4496
Kepler Project Unconfirmed Candidates 2245
Total Candidates and Confirmed Planets3 4587

1 Confirmed Planets are all planets in the Confirmed Planet table where the planetary signature is present in Kepler data.

2 Kepler Project Candidates are all KOIs marked by the Kepler Project as a CANDIDATE in the KOI Cumulative table. This includes planets that have been confirmed or validated.

3 Total Candidates and Confirmed Planets is the union of the Confirmed Planets and KOI Cumulative data sets. Note that some confirmed planets were never designated as candidates.

Kepler Candidate Statistics

Radius Range All Candidates Insolation between 0.32 and 1.78
R ≤ 1.25 R_Earth 934 22
1.25 < R ≤ 2 R_Earth 1295 59
2 < R ≤ 6 R_Earth 1749 120
6 < R ≤ 15 R_Earth 281 13
15 R_Earth < R 174 7

K2 Mission Counts

K2 Confirmed Planets 307
K2 Candidates Yet To Be Confirmed 479
K2 Campaign 9 Microlensing Events 627