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About User Preferences

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Working With Preference Sets

About User Preferences

The User Preferences feature enables users to save how data are sorted, filtered and displayed in any interactive table interface for future Exoplanet Archive visits. These custom configurations are called preference sets. When logged in, users can load and apply their saved preference sets to the interactive tables to immediately begin working with the data.

With the exception of a few legacy data sets (e.g., CoRoT and HATNet), you may save multiple preference sets for each interactive table interface (e.g., Confirmed Planets, K2 Targets, Kepler Threshold-Crossing Events, etc.).

Preference sets apply only to the table in which they were created. For example, sets created within the Confirmed Planets table cannot be applied to the K2 Names table.

Note that the KOI: All Lists interactive table contains multiple tabs. Preference sets created within the KOI: All Lists table apply to ALL tabs within that interface.

System Requirements

Your web browser must have cookies enabled to use this feature.

Note that preference sets are not browser-specific, so clearing your web browser cookies does not affect your preference sets.

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Last updated: 26 August 2016