Exoplanet Archive Application Programming Interface (API) Resources

The Exoplanet Archive data are accessed primarily through a web interface, but users who have some programming knowledge may write scripts that automate specific search queries. These queries must follow a structure that is compatible with the Exoplanet Archive's application programming interface (API).

This page contains a compilation of various online documents and resources for the archive's API users.

General Documentation

API User Guide: How to program your own queries.


Query Syntax: Which keywords to use in your queries.

Build a Sample Query: Step-by-step instructions for building a query.

Troubleshooting: Things to try when your query doesn't work.

Pre-generated Queries: Examples of valid queries that you can copy and paste into a command-line interface or web browser.

Data Column Documentation

The following documents provide the names and definitions of each parameter that can be accessed through the API.

Confirmed Planets KOIs - Cumulative Kepler Stellar - Q1-12 & Q1-16 TCEs - Q1-17 DR24 Mission Stellar List K2 Targets
SuperWASP Time Series KOIs -Q1-17 DR24 Kepler Stellar - Q1-16 TCEs - Q1-12 Mission and ExoCat List K2 Names
KELT Time Series KOIs - Q1-16 Kepler Stellar - Q1-12 TCEs - Q1-16    
  KOIs - Q1-12 Kepler Time Series      
  KOIs - Q1-8 Kepler Numbers, KOI Numbers & KIC Identifiers      
  KOIs - Q1-6        


Last updated: 27 January 2016