Pre-generated API Queries

This page contains a collection of pre-generated URLs that will return data through the Exoplanet Archive's Application Programming Interface (API). They can be copied and pasted into a web browser (for https:// queries) or a command-line interface (for wget queries). Note that you must have wget installed for wget queries.

Note: The default file format for all of the queries on this page is IPAC table format. To change formats, refer to the instruction in the File Format section of the API User Guide.

To request a specific pre-built query for this page, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.

To Return This... Copy This...
All confirmed planets and columns*
wget "*" -O "confirmed_planets.tbl"
Confirmed planets in the Kepler field (default columns)
wget "" -O "confirmed_kepler_field.tbl"
Stars known to host exoplanets listed in ascending order pl_hostname&order=pl_hostname&format=ipac

wget " pl_hostname&order=pl_hostname&format=ipac" -O "stars_hosting_exoplanets.tbl"

Confirmed planets that transit their host stars (default columns)

wget "" -O "planets_transit_host.tbl"
A current list of non-confirmed planet candidates like 'CANDIDATE'
wget " like 'CANDIDATE'" -O nonconf_planet_cand.tbl"
K2 targets from campaign 9
wget "" -O k2_targets_c0.tbl"
Confirmed planets in the Mission Star list>0
wget ">0" -O "confirmed_mission_star.tbl"
All default parameters for one particular KOI or another'K00007.01' OR kepoi_name='K00742.01'
wget "'K00007.01' OR kepoi_name='K00742.01' -O "koi_OR.tbl"
All microlensing planets with time series like 'Microlensing' and st_nts > 0
wget " like 'Microlensing' and st_nts > 0" -O "micro_ts.tbl"
All planetary candidates smaller than 2Re with equilibrium temperatures between 180-303K<2 and koi_teq>180 and koi_teq<303 and koi_disposition like 'CANDIDATE'
wget "<2 and koi_teq>180 and koi_teq<303 and koi_disposition like 'CANDIDATE'" -O "koi_teff_180-303.tbl"
All confirmed planets found by TESS,ra,dec&where=pl_facility like '%25TESS%25'
wget ",ra,dec&where=pl_facility like '%25TESS%25'" -O "TESS_planes.tbl"


Last updated: 12 August 2019