About the Periodogram Service

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Welcome to the New Periodogram Interface

The Periodogram service interface has been updated with several new improvements that are described in the table below. Most of the changes apply to the interface. While the underlying code that calculates periodogram remains the same, changes have been made to the default filtering and the minimum allowed period. See the red-highlighted items on the Usage page for details.

For more information and help on using the Periodogram service, click any of the links in the Documentation box on this page.

We've also changed how you interact with your data before running a calculation, including the following new features:

  • An interactive table to view, sort and filter your uploaded data before running a calculation,
  • A temporary history of your results from recent periodogram sessions, saving you the time and effort of re-running calculations,
  • A preview pane to review the first 100 rows of your uploaded time series data, providing an opportunity to do a quick quality check before running a calculation.
  • Full-color, interactive plots of results, including color, line and point control.

To accommodate users relying on the old interface to complete their research, we are allowing it to remain operational through February 2016, at which point it will be decommissioned. If you are a new Periodogram service user, it is best to start using the new interface immediately.

For some sample use cases with the new interface, see the recipes for a variable star and star spot evolution.

Feature Old Interface New Interface
Preview Input Data/Light Curve Click View Light Curve button Click on Plot Input tab
Customize plot name Not Available Calculation Name: field on Periodogram Inputs tab
Preview and edit input file data in an interactive table Not Available Upload a file and then click the Edit Input Table button
Preview window of upload time series Not Available See the bottom pane of the Periodogram Inputs tab (limited to first 100 data rows)
Change color, size and type of line and points on plots Not Available From the Results tab, use the plot controls on the left side of the plot.

Last updated: 26 April 2018