Discrepancies Between Literature and Archive Values

Occasionally, planet parameters in the archive are different from those in the published literature. These discrepancies are identified by the comments from the scientific community and confirmed by the authors.

This page used to contain a running list of these types of errors, but they are now listed in the in the Exoplanet Archive Notes section of the System Overview pages. For objects that have been removed or excluded from the NASA Exoplanet Archive, refer to the Targets Excluded from the Archive page.

To access Exoplanet Archive Notes on the System Overview pages:

  1. Go to the archive home page and enter a host star or planet name in the Explore the Archive search box, and then click Search.

    Or, find and click on the planet name in the Planetary Systems or Planetary Systems Composite Data tables:

  2. On the System Overview page, check the Other Data section. If there are notes for that particular system, there will be an Exoplanet Archive Notes link and the number of notes in purple. If there is no link, there are no associated notes.

  3. Click on the link in the Other Data section, or on the section heading itself farther down the page, to expand the section and display the notes.

  4. Review the notes on the page.

Last update: 19 October 2023