Targets Excluded from the Archive

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Removed Targets

The following objects were removed from the Exoplanet Archive for the reasons specified below. For more information about the Exoplanet Archive's criteria for classifying and including objects, see our Exoplanet Criteria page.

Planets That Do Not Appear in Peer-Reviewed Publications

Object Mass Greater Than 30 Jupiter Masses

Unconfirmed Planet Candidates

Planets with Published Refutations

Targets Not Included

The following is an incomplete list of notable targets that were not added to the archive.

Reinstated Targets

The following planets were either confirmed and refuted and then re-confirmed, or initially excluded from the archive until additional data were published.

Targets of Note

  • Kepler-452 b
  • Kepler-468 b, Kepler-470 b, Kepler-628 b, Kepler-840 b, Kepler-854 b, and Kepler-1415 b: These objects were dispositioned as false positives by the Kepler False Positive Working Group (KFPWG) in the Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) DR 25 Supplemental release. In the absence of a peer-reviewed, published refutation, the objects remain listed as confirmed planets in the Exoplanet Archive.
  • proxima Centauri c: This promising candidate has been noted by a number of publications, but as of yet there is no published, peer-reviewed confirmation of the planetary nature of the signal. We are monitoring the literature and will update the status of proxima Centauri c as soon as it becomes clear.

Last updated: 3 March 2021