Selected #Exoplanet4K Entries

From February 2019 to June 2019, the NASA Exoplanet Archive held a social media contest inviting the public to imagine what the 4,000th confirmed planet could look like. Entries ranged from a simple description to something more creative, such as a poem, drawing, or video.

Users from around the world shared their visions on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Exoplanet4K, and each person was entered into a random drawing for a free, full-color poster from the Exoplanet Travel Bureau.

When the archive's exoplanet counter ticked past 4,000 planets on June 13, 2019, we announced Twitter follower @Spyder_Webb as the contest winner (scroll down this page to see his tweet).

At this time, we can only guess what planet #4000 really looks like because it's so far away and we're still developing the technology to observe them close-up. Until then, scientists will continue gathering data on exoplanets and their stars that we'll make available through the archive. To see what we do know, check out our interactive table of exoplanet properties.

The contest is over, but here are some of the more memorable entries we wanted to highlight. Special thanks to Teacher Guido and his students at La Scuola Possibile in Turin, Italy for the creative artwork!

(Click an image to view a larger version.)

"Blue Stormy Planet"
by Edoardo, 2nd Grade
"Stormy Planet"
by Nika, 2nd Grade

"Blazing Meteor Planet"
by Morgan, 7th Grade

"Earth Planet 2"
by Gioele, 5th Grade
"Best Friends Planet"
by Viola, 1st Grade
"Pink Black Planet"
by Martina, 2nd Grade
"Blue Water Planet"
by Alice, 5th Grade
"Colour Planet"
by Elena, Kindergarten
"Green Planet"
by Giulia, 1st Grade
"4X4 Planet"
by Filippo, 5th Grade
"Magma Rocks Planet"
by Alejandro, 2nd Grade
"Future Planet"
by Olga, 2nd Grade
"900 Planet"
by Bianca, 2nd Grade
"Red Fire Planet"
by Alice, 5th Grade
"Rainbow Planet"
by Sveva, 1st Grade
by Luca, 4th Grade
"Crater Planet"
by Pietro, 1st Grade
by Ebrima, 3rd Grade
by Matteo, 2nd Grade
"Volcano Ice Planet"
by Tjaša, 2nd Grade
"Planet of Infinite Hope"
by Allegra, 1st Grade
"Lava Lakes"
by Daria, 6th Grade

Last updated: June 11, 2019