Summary Details for KELT Praesepe Exoplanet Archive-ETSS Data Sets


The 4.5cm KELT-North Telescope (Winer Observatory, Arizona).


The KELT detector is an Apogee Instruments AP16E thermoelectrically cooled camera, using a front-side illuminated 4096 x 4096 Kodak KAF-16801E CCD with 9-micron pixels.

Observed Region

For the Praesepe data set, KELT used a 10.8° x 10.8° field of view, with a pixel scale of 9.5 arcseconds. The field was centered on the Praesepe open cluster at J2000 08h 40m 06s, +19d 41m 06s.

Observed Filters

KELT utilized a Kodak Wratten No. 8 filter. The filter essentially transmits all light redward of 500nm. In practice the filter acts as a very broad Johnson R-band filter, which we call RK.

Photometric Technique

Because all data in the set was taken with the above filter, we calibrated the absolute magnitudes of the observations to RK, listed as Johnson R, even though there is a significant color term which could be as large as -0.3 magnitudes for very blue stars, to +0.8 magnitudes for very red stars. Details of the photometric calibrations are given in the paper discussing the KELT Praesepe observations, with a more comprehensive discussion of the filter and calibrations in the KELT instrumentation paper.

Exposure times were 60s.

Data Ranges

The data parameters fall into the following approximate ranges:

KELT Praesepe
Field Min Max
RA (2000) 08 17 45.52 09 03 20.67
Dec (2000) 13 35 36.9 24 09 37.6
HJD of the
2453415.775 2453488.703
RK magnitude 5.792 17.566
Total number of stars - 66637
Number of epochs - ~3000

Figures and Images

Figure 1

Figure 1: Greyscale image of the Praesepe cluster.

Figure 2

Figure 2:
(a) RMS vs. RK magnitude for the 66,638 KELT stars, calculated from 105 observations over the course of one night.
(b) RMS plot for the same stars using all 3,137 observations over the full 34 nights. Structure in the plots results from the separate reductions of the four sections of the field to deal with the changes in the FWHM pattern.

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