Data Columns in the KELT Table

The NASA Exoplanet Archive provides access to high precision time series photometry from stars observed by various transit survey programs. The data have been donated by astronomers who have sought to search for extra-solar planets via photometric transits of the planets around the host stars. The photometric surveys are typically of specific regions of the sky (e.g., field stars, open clusters, etc). Each survey in the archive has different characteristics (e.g., field location, field size, filters in which time-series photometry was performed, magnitude ranges, etc.).

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Database Column Name Table Label Description
star_id Star ID Unique identifier for the star based upon the region name, the observed field within the region and the star number within the field.
region Part of Sky Surveyed User selectable region within a NASA Exoplanet Archive dataset over which to conduct the search.
starthjd Start HJD Heliocentric Julian date of first point in light curve.
endhjd End HJD Heliocentric Julian date of last point in light curve.
ra RA J2000 Right Ascension of star.
dec Dec J2000 Declination of star.
rmag R Mag R band magnitude of star.
rerr R Mag Uncertainty Uncertainty on R magnitude.
lcfil Light Curve Filter Filter in which time series data were obtained.
npts Points in Light Curve Number of data points in light curve.

Last updated: 30 April 2013