UKIRT Processing

Images taken during the UKIRT microlensing survey were reduced, astrometrically calibrated, and stacked by the Cambridge Astronomy Survey Unit (CASU; Irwin, M. J., et al. (2004) SPIE, 5493, 411). The resulting photometry catalogs were then matched by the UKIRT Microlensing Team to produce object-specific light curves, which we present here.

Light Curve Statistics Calculations

As part of the NASA Exoplanet Archive service, a standard set of time series statistics are performed on the magnitude time series. These include the calculation of the mean, median, standard deviations and 5–95 percentile range. The results are included in the UKIRT metadata.

NOTE: Chi-squared and 5–95 percentile range statistics for light curves with only one data point that actually made it into the statistics calculation are null. This affects on the order of 9.81% of the data set, or 7,669,145 records.

Additional Documents

Last updated: 18 January 2019