UKIRT Bulk Download


The data set for the UKIRT 2015/2016 public release includes nearly 18 million time series files, or roughly 75 gigabytes (GB) of data, which is too large to view or download through a web browser. The Exoplanet Archive provides a search interface to the time series metadata. The format of the search results depends on the size of the query return. Users requesting more than 5 million rows should use the whole data set products below.

Download UKIRT Data

The time series are available via wget scripts, while the other products, such as the survey metadata, can be downloaded directly.

Data Set Size Description
UKIRT Bulk Time Series wget scripts (by field and ccd id) 125 MB All time series
UKIRT Time Series metadata (by field and ccd id) 1.1 GB IPAC ASCII files in tar.gz format
UKIRT Field and CCD list 4 KB IPAC ASCII format
UKIRT ID list 40 MB IPAC ASCII files in tar.gz format
UKIRT Source ID/Tile-CCD cross-reference 40 MB IPAC ASCII files in tar.gz format

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