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The Exoplanet Exploration Program Office is supporting work to compile a list of nearby stars and their properties in support of future mission planning. M. Turnbull is compiling the Exoplanet Direct Imaging Mission Planning Catalog (ExoCat) of stars within 30 pc. Details of this process are described in this document.

In addition, target lists are also available from several other Program Office missions and studies listed below.  The Exoplanet Archive hosts two interactive tables: one with the combined mission target lists and one with these stars plus all other stars from ExoCat. For stars not in ExoCat,the stellar parameters given are from other literature sources.

Note that several stars in the Mission Star list are also in the confirmed planet or K2 catalogs lists. These stars may have have different stellar parameters in the Mission stars table as they are compiled from different references. The columns K2 Flag/K2 Campaign and Known RV System/Number of Planets in System indicate these stars.

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Last updated: 10 February 2021