Microlensing Planets

Data Columns in the Microlensing Planets Table

The following table lists all of the data columns in the Microlensing Planets interactive table. More details on microlensing resources in the archive are listed on the Microlensing page.

Default Columns

Column Name
Table Label Description
plntname Planet Name Planet name
ra RA [decimal] Right ascension (decimal)
rastr RA [sexagesimal] Right ascension sexagesimal)
dec Dec [decimal] Declination (decimal)
decstr Dec [sexagesimal] Declination (sexagesimal)
glong Galactic Longitude Galactic longitude
glat Galactic Latitude Galactic latitude
mlsrcxtime Source Crossing Time [day] Source angular radius crossing time
mleinxtime Einstein Crossing Time [day] Einstein radius crossing time
mltprojsep Time of Closest Projected Separation [days] Time of closest projected separation between lens and source
mleinrad Angular Einstein Radius [mas] Angular Einstein radius
mlprojsep Angular Projected Separation Angular projected separation between lens and source
mlsrclenspm Source-Lens Relative Proper Motion [mas/year] Source-lens relative proper motion
mlsrcangrad Source Angular Radius [microas] Source angular radius
mlsrcphyrad Source Physical Radius [Solar radii] Source physical radius
mlratsoe Source/Einstein Angular Radius Ratio (10**-3) Ratio of source angular radius and the Einstein angular radius (x 10-3)
mlanglesrl Source-Lens Relative Angle [radians] Angle of source relative to lens
mlratmass Binary Lens Mass Ratio (10**-4) Ratio of binary lens mass, M2/M1 (x 10-4)
mlratsep Binary Lens Separation Ratio Ratio of binary lens separation
mldsdt Lens Separation Ratio Rate of Change [1/year] Rate of change of the binary lens separation ratio due to binary orbital motion
mldalphadt Relative angle rate of change [deg/year] Rate of change of the source-lens relative angle due to binary orbital motion
mllensmass Lens Mass [Solar mas] Host mass
mlplnmass Planet Mass [Earth mass] Planet mass
mllensdist Distance to Lens [kpc] Distance from observer to lens
mlsrcdist Distance to Source [kpc] Distance from observer to source
mlprojsma Lens Component Project Separation [AU] Projected separation between lens components in physical units (semi-major axis)
mlpararel Relative parallax Relative parallax
mlparalens Microlensing parallax Microlensing parallax
mlparalense Microlensing parallax (East component) Lensing parallax (East component)
mlparalensn Microlensing parallax (North component) Lensing parallax (North component)
mlphotbase Source Baseline Mag (unlensed) Source star + blend magnitude (unlensed total photometry)
mlphotsrc Source Star Mag Source star magnitude
mlphotiso Unreddened Source Mag Source star, unreddened magnitude
mlphotblend Blend Mag Blend magnitude
mlphotlens Lens Mag Lens magnitude
mlcolvis Source Color (V-I) Source star color (blended, reddened) (V-I)
mlcolblend Blend Color (V-I) Blend color (V-I)
mlcolviso Source Unreddened Color (V-I) Source star, unreddened color (V-I)
mlphotext Field Extinction Field extinction
mlphotred Field Reddening Field reddening
mlprojsepflag Impact Parameter Orientation Orientation of impact parameter (1=positive, -1=negative)
mllensseptype Degeneracy Type Degeneracy type (wide, close)
mlcbflag Circumbinary Flag Circumbinary flag (1=yes, 0=no)
mllensmethod Model Type Methods used to derive physical properties (direct, Bayes)
mldescription Model Description Microlensing model description
mlchisquare Model Chi-Squared Chi-squared value for model fit

Last updated: 24 January 2017