This table has been retired and is no longer being updated. Please use the new Atmospheric Spectroscopy Table to browse and download emission and transmission spectra.

Data Columns in the Emission Spectroscopy Table

The following table lists all of the data columns in the Emission Spectroscopy table (emissionspec) when using the interactive table and querying the Table Access Protocol (TAP) service.

There are similar documents for the Transmission Spectroscopy and other archive data tables. The full list is located in the Documentation Index (expand Data Documentation and then the Table Column Definitions sub-menu).

Some data include more specific information that can also be retrieved as separate columns when pre-filtering interactive tables with URL-based queries. These include:

  • Uncertainties (positive and negative)
  • Displayed String Name (as the value appears in the interactive table)
  • Limits

Digital Object Identifier

If you use archive data or services for your research, please include the following Digital Object Identifier (DOI) as part of your acknowledgment:

DOI 10.26133/NEA11

See Acknowledging the Archive for dataset-specific language. See the full list of NASA Exoplanet Archive DOIs for other data sets and services.

Default Columns

Column Name
Table Label Description Uncertainties Column
(positive +)
(negative -)
Displayed String Name Limit Column Flag Column Number of Measurements
plntname Planet Name Planetary name most commonly used in the literature.          
centralwavelng Central Wavelength [microns] Central wavelength of the emission spectroscopy observation.          
bandwidth Band Width [microns] Band width of the emission spectroscopy observation.          
especlipdep Eclipse Depth [percentage] The size of the relative flux decrement caused by the star transiting in front of the planet; also often referred to as the flux ratio between the planetary flux and the stellar flux. (+) especlipdeperr1
(-) especlipdeperr2
especlipdepstr especlipdeplim    
espbritemp Brightness Temperature [K] The temperature of a black body of the same size and flux as the exoplanet at the observed wavelength. (+) espbritemperr1
(-) espbritemperr2
espbritempstr espbritemplim    
facility Facility Name of the telescope used to perform the emission spectroscopy observation.          
instrument Instruments Name of the instrument used to perform the emission spectroscopy observation.          

Last updated: 14 July 2023