Distributions of WASP Targets

The bulk of the 18 million WASP targets lie between WASP magnitudes 6-20 (N.B. the WASP passband spans from 400-700nm, approximately g+r). There are 153 targets with stated magnitudes brighter than 0, and 271,410 targets (1.5% of the total) with stated magnitudes of 0.00. Additionally, there are 364,855 targets (2% of the total) with stated magnitudes fainter than 23rd magnitude. Figure 1 shows the distribution of WASP magnitudes from 6-20. Note the large number of targets in some magnitude bins, e.g. there are nearly 5 million targets from 13th to 14th magnitude.

WASP magnitude distribution

Figure 1 - Distribution of WASP Magnitudes from 6-20

Figure 2 shows the density of WASP targets across the sky. The northern hemisphere observations range from +20 to +66 degrees, and the southern hemisphere observations from -20 to -90 degrees. This data release does not include data from -20 to +20 degrees in declination.

WASP density across sky

Figure 2 - Density of WASP Targets