This is list by year of papers that acknowledge the NASA Exoplanet Archive or any of the community follow-up programs (i.e., KFOP, CFOP, and ExoFOP), or reference the Archive's PASP paper.

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Year-to-date total: 120 (73 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
Y Adams, Fred C. 2020MNRAS.493.5520A Energy Optimization in Extrasolar Planetary Systems: The Transition from Peas-in-a-Pod to Runaway Growth
N Addison, Brett C. 2020arXiv200107345A TOI-257b (HD 19916b): A Warm sub-Saturn on a Moderately Eccentric Orbit Around an Evolved F-type Star
Y Akinsanmi, B. 2020A&A...635L...8A Can planetary rings explain the extremely low density of HIP 41378 f?
Y Alei, Eleonora 2020A&C....3100370A Exo-MerCat: a merged exoplanet catalog with Virtual Observatory connection
N Armstrong, David J. 2020arXiv200310314A A remnant planetary core in the hot Neptunian desert
Y Alessi, Matthew 2020MNRAS.tmp..296A Formation of Planetary Populations II: Effects of Initial Disk Size & Radial Dust Drift
N Astudillo-Defru, N. 2020arXiv200109175A A hot terrestrial planet orbiting the bright M dwarf L 168-9 unveiled by TESS
Y Atri, Dimitra 2020MNRAS.492L..28A Stellar Proton Event-induced surface radiation dose as a constraint on the habitability of terrestrial exoplanets
N Badenas-Agusti, Mariona 2020arXiv200203958B HD 191939: Three Sub-Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc Away
N Bailey, Nora 2020arXiv200307835B Nodal Precession in Closely Spaced Planet Pairs
Y Basak, S. 2020A&C....3000335B CEESA meets machine learning: A Constant Elasticity Earth Similarity Approach to habitability and classification of exoplanets
N Belokurov, Vasily 2020arXiv200305467B Unresolved stellar companions with Gaia DR2 astrometry
Y Bennett, David P. 2020AJ....159...68B Keck Observations Confirm a Super-Jupiter Planet Orbiting M Dwarf OGLE-2005-BLG-071L
N Berger, Travis A. 2020arXiv200107737B The $Gaia$-$Kepler$ Stellar Properties Catalog I: Homogeneous Fundamental Properties for 186,000 $Kepler$ Stars
Y Bernhard, Klaus 2020MNRAS.493.3293B New and improved rotational periods of magnetic CP stars from ASAS-3, KELT, and MASCARA data
Y Bonfanti, A. 2020A&A...635A...6B MCMCI: A code to fully characterise an exoplanetary system
Y Brande, Jonathan 2020AJ....159...18B The Feasibility of Directly Imaging Nearby Cold Jovian Planets with MIRI/JWST
Y Buzasi, Derek 2020RNAAS...4...27B Outer Planet Single-transit Detections with LSST
Y Carrillo, Andreia 2020MNRAS.491.4365C Know thy star, know thy planet: chemo-kinematically characterizing TESS targets
N Choksi, Nick 2020arXiv200303388C Sub-Neptune Formation: The View from Resonant Planets
Y Costes, Jean C. 2020MNRAS.491.2834C NGTS-8b and NGTS-9b: two non-inflated hot Jupiters
N Cowley, Charles R. 2020RNAAS...4...31C HD 196390: A Tight Correlation of Differential Abundances with Condensation Temperature
N Dalba, Paul A. 2020arXiv200310451D The TESS-Keck Survey I: A Warm Sub-Saturn-Mass Planet and a Caution about Stray Light in TESS Cameras
Y Davoudi, F. 2020NewA...7601305D Light curve analysis of ground-based data from exoplanets transit database
Y Dholakia, S. 2020AJ....159...93D Constraining Orbital Periods from Nonconsecutive Observations: Period Estimates for Long-period Planets in Six Systems Observed by K2 During Multiple Campaigns
N Díaz, Matías R. 2020arXiv200310319D The Magellan/PFS Exoplanet Search: A 55-day period dense Neptune transiting the bright ($V=8.6$) star HD 95338
Y dos Santos, Leonardo A. 2020A&A...634L...4D The high-energy environment and atmospheric escape of the mini-Neptune K2-18 b
N Doughty, Christopher E. 2020arXiv200210368D Distinguishing multicellular life on exoplanets by testing Earth as an exoplanet
Y Driessen, L. N. 2020MNRAS.491..560D MKT J170456.2-482100: the first transient discovered by MeerKAT
Y Eisner, N. L. 2020MNRAS.tmp..148E Planet Hunters TESS I: TOI 813, a subgiant hosting a transiting Saturn-sized planet on an 84-day orbit
N Estrela, Raissa 2020arXiv200101299E The evolutionary track of H/He envelope in the observed population of sub-Neptunes and Super-Earths planets
Y Feng, Fabo 2020ApJS..246...11F Search for Nearby Earth Analogs. II. Detection of Five New Planets, Eight Planet Candidates, and Confirmation of Three Planets around Nine Nearby M Dwarfs
Y Fortenbach, Charles D. 2020PASP..132e4501F A Framework for Optimizing Exoplanet Target Selection for the James Webb Space Telescope
Y Frustagli, G. 2020A&A...633A.133F An ultra-short period rocky super-Earth orbiting the G2-star HD 80653
N Futyan, David 2020arXiv200105587F Expected performances of the Characterising Exoplanet Satellite (CHEOPS) II. The CHEOPS simulator
Y Gao, Peter 2020ApJ...890...93G Deflating Super-puffs: Impact of Photochemical Hazes on the Observed Mass─Radius Relationship of Low-mass Planets
Y García Muñoz, A. 2020ApJ...888L..21G Is π Men c’s Atmosphere Hydrogen-dominated? Insights from a Non-detection of H I Lyα Absorption
N Gaudi, B. Scott 2020arXiv200106683G The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) Mission Concept Study Final Report
N Giacalone, Steven 2020arXiv200200691G $\texttt{triceratops}$: A Tool for Rapid Validation of $\textit{TESS}$ Objects of Interest and Application to 424 Planet Candidates
Y Giacobbe, P. 2020MNRAS.491.5216G Photometric rotation periods for 107 M dwarfs from the APACHE survey
N Gilbert, Emily A. 2020arXiv200100952G The First Habitable Zone Earth-sized Planet from TESS. I: Validation of the TOI-700 System
N Glaser, Joseph P. 2020arXiv200212375G TYCHO -- Realistically Simulating Exoplanets within Stellar Clusters I: Improving the Monte Carlo Approach
N Guerrero, N. 2020AAS...23532703G The TESS Objects of Interest Catalog from Year 1 of the TESS Mission
N Hamer, J. H. 2020yCat..51580190H VizieR Online Data Catalog: Main sequence hot Jupiter hosts with good astrometry (Hamer+, 2019)
N Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. 2020arXiv200111511H Scaling K2. I. Revised Parameters for 222,088 K2 Stars and a K2 Planet Radius Valley at 1.9 $R_{\oplus}$
Y Harnett, Claire E. 2020P&SS..18004762H A toolbox for identifying the expression of dome-forming volcanism on exoplanets
N Hartman, J. D. 2020arXiv200205776H HATS-47b, HATS-48Ab, HATS-49b and HATS-72b: Four Warm Giant Planets Transiting K Dwarfs
N He, Matthias Y. 2020arXiv200304348H Architectures of Exoplanetary Systems. II: An Intrinsic Relation between Planetary System Occurrence and Spectral Type for Kepler's FGK Dwarfs
N Herrera-Martín, Antonio 2020arXiv200302983H Ogle-2018-blg-0677lb: A super earth near the galactic bulge
N Hidalgo, D. 2020arXiv200201755H Three planets transiting the evolved star EPIC 249893012: a hot 8.8-M$_\oplus$ super-Earth and two warm 14.7 and 10.2-M$_\oplus$ sub-Neptunes
N Hinterreiter, Andreas 2020arXiv200108372H Exploring Visual Patterns in Projected Human and Machine Decision-Making Paths
Y Horner, Jonathan 2020AJ....159...10H Quantifying the Influence of Jupiter on the Earth’s Orbital Cycles
N Hsu, Danley C. 2020arXiv200202573H Occurrence Rates of Planets Orbiting M Stars: Applying ABC to Kepler DR25, Gaia DR2, and 2MASS Data
N Jansen, Tiffany 2020arXiv200110580J Detection of the phase curve and occultation of WASP-100b with TESS
Y Jofré, E. 2020A&A...634A..29J Gemini-GRACES high-quality spectra of Kepler evolved stars with transiting planets. I. Detailed characterization of multi-planet systems Kepler-278 and Kepler-391
N Kane, Stephen R. 2020arXiv200208381K The Dark Planets of the WASP-47 Planetary System
N Kashyap Jagadeesh, Madhu 2020arXiv200212650K Indexing Exoplanets with Physical Conditions Potentially Suitable for Rock-Dependent Extremophiles
Y Khata, Dhrimadri 2020MNRAS.493.4533K Understanding Physical Properties of Young M-dwarfs: NIR spectroscopic studies
Y Kokaia, Giorgi 2020MNRAS.492..352K Resilient habitability of nearby exoplanet systems
Y Kuerban, Abudushataer 2020ApJ...890...41K Close-in Exoplanets as Candidates for Strange Quark Matter Objects
Y Kunimoto, Michelle 2020AJ....159..124K Searching the Entirety of Kepler Data. I. 17 New Planet Candidates Including One Habitable Zone World
N Kutra, Taylor 2020arXiv200308431K Kepler Planets and Metallicity
Y Lam, Kristine W. F. 2020AJ....159..120L It Takes Two Planets in Resonance to Tango around K2-146
Y Lamman, Claire 2020AJ....159..139L Robo-AO M-dwarf Multiplicity Survey: Catalog
N Lara, Patricia 2020arXiv200305121L The reliability of the Titius-Bode relation and its implications for the search for exoplanets
Y Libby-Roberts, Jessica E. 2020AJ....159...57L The Featureless Transmission Spectra of Two Super-puff Planets
N Li, Daohai 2020arXiv200209271L Fly-by encounters between two planetary systems II: Exploring the interactions of diverse planetary system architectures
Y Li, Zonghai 2020EPJC...80..157L The finite-distance gravitational deflection of massive particles in stationary spacetime: a Jacobi metric approach
Y Loyd, R. O. Parke 2020ApJ...890...23L Current Population Statistics Do Not Favor Photoevaporation over Core-powered Mass Loss as the Dominant Cause of the Exoplanet Radius Gap
Y MacDonald, Mariah G. 2020ApJ...891...20M Forming Diverse Super-Earth Systems In Situ
Y Martin, Rebecca G. 2020MNRAS.tmpL..26M Asteroid belt survival through stellar evolution: dependence on the stellar mass
Y Masuda, Kento 2020AJ....159...38M Mutual Orbital Inclinations between Cold Jupiters and Inner Super-Earths
Y Modirrousta-Galian, Darius 2020ApJ...891..158M The Bimodal Distribution in Exoplanet Radii: Considering Varying Core Compositions and $\rm H_{2}$ Envelop Sizes
N Mordasini, Christoph 2020arXiv200202455M Planetary evolution with atmospheric photoevaporation I. Analytical derivation and numerical study of the evaporation valley and transition from super-Earths to sub-Neptunes
Y Morello, G. 2020AJ....159...75M The ExoTETHyS Package: Tools for Exoplanetary Transits around Host Stars
N Morris, R. 2020AAS...23517413M Characterizing Kepler, K2 and TESS Exoplanets and Candidates with NIR Photometry
Y Morvan, Mario 2020AJ....159..109M Detrending Exoplanetary Transit Light Curves with Long Short-term Memory Networks
N Mousis, Olivier 2020arXiv200205243M Irradiated ocean planets bridge super-Earth and sub-Neptune populations
Y Močnik, T. 2020PASP..132a4401M K2 Looks Toward WASP-28 and WASP-151
Y Neil, Andrew R. 2020ApJ...891...12N A Joint Mass─Radius─Period Distribution of Exoplanets
N Nielsen, L. D. 2020arXiv200305932N Three Short Period Jupiters from TESS
Y Nielsen, L. D. 2020MNRAS.492.5399N Mass determinations of the three mini-Neptunes transiting TOI-125
N Nottale, Laurent 2020arXiv200305940N Statistical deprojection of intervelocities, interdistances and masses in the Isolated Galaxy Pair Catalog
Y Osborn, Ares 2020MNRAS.491.4481O Investigating the planet-metallicity correlation for hot Jupiters
Y Otegi, J. F. 2020A&A...634A..43O Revisited mass-radius relations for exoplanets below 120 M<SUB>⊕</SUB>
Y Owen, James E. 2020MNRAS.491.5287O Testing exoplanet evaporation with multitransiting systems
Y Patra, Kishore C. 2020AJ....159..150P The Continuing Search for Evidence of Tidal Orbital Decay of Hot Jupiters
Y Petigura, Erik A. 2020AJ....159....2P K2-19b and c are in a 3:2 Commensurability but out of Resonance: A Challenge to Planet Assembly by Convergent Migration
Y Politsch, Collin A. 2020MNRAS.492.4019P Trend filtering - II. Denoising astronomical signals with varying degrees of smoothness
N Rodriguez, Joseph E. 2020arXiv200100954R The First Habitable Zone Earth-Sized Planet From TESS II: $Spitzer$ Confirms TOI-700 d
Y Schonhut-Stasik, Jessica 2020ApJ...888...34S ROBO-AO Kepler Asteroseismic Survey. II. Do Stellar Companions Inhibit Stellar Oscillations?
Y Scora, Jennifer 2020MNRAS.493.4910S Chemical Diversity of Super-Earths As a Consequence of Formation
Y Shporer, Avi 2020ApJ...890L...7S GJ 1252 b: A 1.2 R<SUB>⊕</SUB> Planet Transiting an M3 Dwarf at 20.4 pc
Y Sinha, Tirthendu 2020MNRAS.493..267S Variable stars in the Sh 2-170 H II region
N Smith, Alexis M. S. 2020arXiv200205591S Shallow transit follow-up from NGTS: simultaneous observations of HD106315 with 11 identical telescopes
N Soares-Furtado, M. 2020arXiv200205275S Lithium Enrichment Signatures of Planetary Engulfment Events in Evolved Stars
Y Soares-Furtado, M. 2020ApJS..246...15S A Catalog of Periodic Variables in Open Clusters M35 and NGC 2158
Y Socia, Quentin J. 2020AJ....159...94S Kepler-1661 b: A Neptune-sized Kepler Transiting Circumbinary Planet around a Grazing Eclipsing Binary
Y Stefansson, Gudmundur 2020AJ....159..100S A Sub-Neptune-sized Planet Transiting the M2.5 Dwarf G 9-40: Validation with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder
Y Stonkutė, E. 2020AJ....159...90S High-resolution Spectroscopic Study of Dwarf Stars in the Northern Sky: Lithium, Carbon, and Oxygen Abundances
Y Suissa, Gabrielle 2020ApJ...891...58S Dim Prospects for Transmission Spectra of Ocean Earths around M Stars
N Sulis, S. 2020arXiv200207457S 3D magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of stellar convective noise for improved exoplanet detection. I. Case of regularly sampled radial velocity observations
N Tasker, Elizabeth J. 2020arXiv200101438T Earth-Like: An education & outreach tool for exploring the diversity of planets like our own
Y Tasker, Elizabeth J. 2020AJ....159...41T Estimating Planetary Mass with Deep Learning
N Trifonov, Trifon 2020arXiv200105942T A public HARPS radial velocity database corrected for systematic errors
Y Truitt, Amanda R. 2020AJ....159...55T A Flexible Bayesian Framework for Assessing Habitability with Joint Observational and Model Constraints
Y Turner, Jake D. 2020ApJ...888L..13T Detection of Ionized Calcium in the Atmosphere of the Ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9b
N Turrini, D. 2020arXiv200305366T Normalized angular momentum deficit: A tool for comparing the violence of the dynamical histories of planetary systems
Y Tu, Zuo-Lin 2020ApJ...890...46T Superflares on Solar-type Stars from the First Year Observation of TESS
Y Veras, Dimitri 2020MNRAS.tmp..268V Constraining planet formation around 6M<SUB>☉</SUB>-8M<SUB>☉</SUB> stars
N Vidotto, A. A. 2020arXiv200310272V Stellar wind effects on the atmospheres of close-in giants: a possible reduction in escape instead of increased erosion
Y Wittenmyer, Robert A. 2020MNRAS.492..377W Cool Jupiters greatly outnumber their toasty siblings: occurrence rates from the Anglo-Australian Planet Search
Y Yang, Hongjing 2020AJ....159...98Y KMT-2016-BLG-1836Lb: A Super-Jovian Planet from a High-cadence Microlensing Field
Y Yang, Jia-Yi 2020AJ....159..164Y Occurrence and Architecture of Kepler Planetary Systems as Functions of Stellar Mass and Effective Temperature
Y Zaleski, S. M. 2020MNRAS.492.5141Z Activity and differential rotation of the early M dwarf Kepler-45 from transit mapping
N Zellem, Robert T. 2020arXiv200309046Z Utilizing Small Telescopes Operated by Citizen Scientists for Transiting Exoplanet Follow-up
Y Zhang, Xiangyu 2020AJ....159..116Z OGLE-2015-BLG-1771Lb: A Microlens Planet Orbiting an Ultracool Dwarf?
Y Ziegler, Carl 2020AJ....159...19Z SOAR TESS Survey. I. Sculpting of TESS Planetary Systems by Stellar Companions
Y Zink, Jon K. 2020AJ....159..154Z Scaling K2. II. Assembly of a Fully Automated C5 Planet Candidate Catalog Using EDI-Vetter
Y Zotos, Euaggelos E. 2020A&A...634A..60Z Orbit classification in exoplanetary systems




Year-to-date total: 324 (240 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
Y Abubekerov, M. K. 2019ARep...63..107A Influence of Digital Noise on Interpretation of a Transit Light Curve
N Abushattal, A. A. 2019JPhCS1258a2018A Extrasolar Planets in Binary Systems (Statistical Analysis)
Y Adams, Arthur D. 2019AJ....158..108A Signatures of Obliquity in Thermal Phase Curves of Hot Jupiters
N Addison, Brett 2019arXiv190111231A Minerva-Australis I: Design, Commissioning, & First Photometric Results
Y Adibekyan, Vardan 2019Geosc...9..105A Heavy Metal Rules. I. Exoplanet Incidence and Metallicity
Y Agnew, Matthew T. 2019MNRAS.485.4703A Predicting multiple planet stability and habitable zone companions in the TESS era
Y Ahlers, John P. 2019AJ....158...88A Dealing With δ-Scuti Variables: Transit Light Curve Analysis of Planets Orbiting Rapidly Rotating, Seismically Active A/F Stars
N Ahlers, J. P. 2019yCat..51580088A VizieR Online Data Catalog: Oscillations in KOI-976's Kepler photometry (Ahlers+, 2019)
N Akeson, Rachel 2019AAS...23314009A TESS Follow-up Observing Program Working Group (TFOP WG): The ExoFOP-TESS Website
N Alesina, F. 2019ASPC..523...25A Exoplanets Data Visualization in Multi-dimensional Plots using Virtual Reality in DACE
Y Almeida, L. A. 2019AJ....157..150A Orbital Period Variation of KIC 10544976: Applegate Mechanism versus Light Travel Time Effect
N Almeida, L. A. 2019yCat..51570150A VizieR Online Data Catalog: Mid-eclipse times of KIC 10544976 (Almeida+, 2019)
Y Amarsi, A. M. 2019A&A...630A.104A Carbon, oxygen, and iron abundances in disk and halo stars. Implications of 3D non-LTE spectral line formation
Y Ananyeva, V. I. 2019SoSyR..53..124A The Distribution of Giant Exoplanets over True and Projective Masses: Accounting for Observational Selection
Y Arkhypov, O. V. 2019A&A...631A.152A Dusty phenomena in the vicinity of giant exoplanets
Y Armstrong, David J. 2019ApJ...880L...1A A Gap in the Mass Distribution for Warm Neptune and Terrestrial Planets
Y Bailey, Nora 2019AJ....158...94B Stellar Flybys Interrupting Planet─Planet Scattering Generates Oort Planets
N Banks, T. 2019arXiv190608777B Exoplanets and University-Industry Collaboration
Y Becker, Juliette C. 2019AJ....157...19B A Discrete Set of Possible Transit Ephemerides for Two Long-period Gas Giants Orbiting HIP 41378
Y Beck, Peter 2019PASP..131h4402B Efficient Follow-up of Exoplanet Transits Using Small Telescopes
N Behrens, E. A. 2019arXiv191200482B The NANOGrav 11-year Data Set: Constraints on Planetary Masses Around 45 Millisecond Pulsars
Y Bellinger, E. P. 2019A&A...622A.130B Stellar ages, masses, and radii from asteroseismic modeling are robust to systematic errors in spectroscopy
N Bennett, David P. 2019arXiv190800548B Community Involvement in the WFIRST Exoplanet Microlensing Survey
N Berriman, G. B. 2019AAS...23320701B The Future Of Archive Services at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI)
N Berriman, G. Bruce 2019RNAAS...3...94B A Mosaic of TESS Images Acquired Near The South Ecliptic Pole
Y Bhandare, Asmita 2019ComAC...6....3B DESTINY: Database for the Effects of STellar encounters on dIsks and plaNetary sYstems
Y Biersteker, John B. 2019MNRAS.485.4454B Atmospheric mass-loss due to giant impacts: the importance of the thermal component for hydrogen-helium envelopes
Y Blunt, Sarah 2019AJ....158..181B Radial Velocity Discovery of an Eccentric Jovian World Orbiting at 18 au
N Boness, David A. 2019AAS...23324710B Using Mineral Physics Theory and Data to Help Constrain Knowledge of Super-Earth Exoplanet Interior Structures and Dynamics With an Eye Towards the Possibility of Life
N Bonfanti, Andrea 2019arXiv191212632B MCMCI: A code to fully characterise an exoplanetary system
Y Borsato, L. 2019MNRAS.484.3233B HARPS-N radial velocities confirm the low densities of the Kepler-9 planets
Y Bouma, L. G. 2019ApJS..245...13B Cluster Difference Imaging Photometric Survey. I. Light Curves of Stars in Open Clusters from TESS Sectors 6 and 7
Y Bouma, L. G. 2019AJ....157..217B WASP-4b Arrived Early for the TESS  Mission
Y Brande, Jonathan 2020AJ....159...18B The Feasibility of Directly Imaging Nearby Cold Jovian Planets with MIRI/JWST
N Brems, Stefan S. 2019arXiv191010389B Radial-velocity jitter of stars as a function of observational timescale and stellar age
Y Bryan, Marta L. 2019AJ....157...52B An Excess of Jupiter Analogs in Super-Earth Systems
N Bryson, Steve 2019arXiv190603575B A Probabilistic Approach to Kepler Completeness and Reliability for Exoplanet Occurrence Rates
N Bryson, Steve 2019AAS...23314020B The Impact of Small Statistics on Identifying Background False Positives in Kepler Data
Y Burke, Christopher J. 2019AJ....157..143B Re-evaluating Small Long-period Confirmed Planets from Kepler
Y Caceres, Gabriel A. 2019AJ....158...58C Autoregressive Planet Search: Application to the Kepler Mission
Y Calchi Novati, S. 2019AJ....157..121C Spitzer Microlensing Parallax for OGLE-2016-BLG-1067: A Sub-Jupiter Orbiting an M Dwarf in the Disk
Y Cañas, Caleb I. 2019ApJ...877L..29C TOI-150: A Transiting Hot Jupiter in the TESS Southern CVZ
Y Cañas, Caleb I. 2019ApJ...870L..17C Kepler-730: A Hot Jupiter System with a Close-in, Transiting, Earth-sized Planet
Y Chamarthi, Sireesha 2019JATIS...5b8004C Toward precision radial velocity measurements using Echelle spectrograph at Vainu Bappu Telescope
Y Chaplin, W. J. 2019AJ....157..163C Filtering Solar-Like Oscillations for Exoplanet Detection in Radial Velocity Observations
Y Charbonnel, C. 2020A&A...633A..34C Lithium in red giant stars: Constraining non-standard mixing with large surveys in the Gaia era
Y Chaushev, Alexander 2019MNRAS.488.5232C Classifying exoplanet candidates with convolutional neural networks: application to the Next Generation Transit Survey
Y Chintarungruangchai, Pattana 2019PASP..131f4502C Detecting Exoplanet Transits through Machine-learning Techniques with Convolutional Neural Networks
Y Chontos, Ashley 2019AJ....157..192C The Curious Case of KOI 4: Confirming Kepler’s First Exoplanet Detection
Y Christ, Callista N. 2019AJ....157..235C Observations of the Kepler Field with TESS: Predictions for Planet Yield and Observable Features
N Christ, C. N. 2019yCat..51570235C VizieR Online Data Catalog: Observations of the Kepler field with TESS (Christ+, 2019)
N Ciardi, David R. 2019arXiv190305665C Astro2020 Science White Paper: Toward Finding Earth 2.0: Masses and Orbits of Small Planets with Extreme Radial Velocity Precision
N Cloutier, Ryan 2019arXiv191202170C Evolution of the radius valley around low mass stars from $Kepler$ and $K2$
Y Cloutier, Ryan 2019AJ....158...81C The Independent Discovery of Planet Candidates around Low-mass Stars and Astrophysical False Positives from the First Two TESS Sectors
Y Cooke, Benjamin F. 2019A&A...631A..83C An examination of the effect of the TESS extended mission on southern hemisphere monotransits
Y Crossfield, Ian J. M. 2019ApJ...883L..16C A super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting the late-type M dwarf LP 791-18
N Cubillos, P. 2019yCat..74661868C VizieR Online Data Catalog: Neptune-like planets low-density overabundance (Cubillos+ 2017)
Y Cui, Kaiming 2019MNRAS.489.5513C Long rotation period main-sequence stars from Kepler SAP light curves
Y Cui, Zijia 2019ApJ...872...72C On the 9:7 Mean Motion Resonance Capture in a System of Two Equal-mass Super-Earths
Y Dalba, Paul A. 2019PASP..131c4401D Predicted Yield of Transits of Known Radial Velocity Exoplanets from the TESS Primary and Extended Missions
Y Damasso, M. 2019A&A...624A..38D So close, so different: characterization of the K2-36 planetary system with HARPS-N
Y Damiano, M. 2019ApJ...878..153D A Principal Component Analysis-based Method to Analyze High-resolution Spectroscopic Data on Exoplanets
N Danielski, Camilla 2019arXiv191005414D Circumbinary exoplanets and brown dwarfs with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Y Daněk, Kamil 2019ApJ...880...72D Triple-lens Gravitational Microlensing: Critical Curves for Arbitrary Spatial Configuration
Y Dattilo, Anne 2019AJ....157..169D Identifying Exoplanets with Deep Learning. II. Two New Super-Earths Uncovered by a Neural Network in K2 Data
N Davenport, James. R. A. 2019arXiv190704443D SETI in the Spatio-Temporal Survey Domain
Y David, Trevor J. 2019AJ....158...79D A Warm Jupiter-sized Planet Transiting the Pre-main-sequence Star V1298 Tau
Y David, Trevor J. 2019ApJ...872..161D Age Determination in Upper Scorpius with Eclipsing Binaries
Y David, Trevor J. 2019ApJ...885L..12D Four Newborn Planets Transiting the Young Solar Analog V1298 Tau
N Davoudi, F. 2019arXiv191011438D Light Curve Analysis of Ground-Based Data from Exoplanets Transit Database
Y Dawson, Rebekah I. 2019AJ....158...65D TOI-216b and TOI-216 c: Two Warm, Large Exoplanets in or Slightly Wide of the 2:1 Orbital Resonance
Y Dholakia, S. 2019PASP..131k4402D A Substellar Companion to a Hot Star in K2's Campaign 0 Field
Y Díez Alonso, E. 2018MNRAS.tmp.3305D A transiting super-Earth close to the inner edge of the habitable zone of an M0 dwarf star
N Difo Cheri, Gerlinder 2019AAS...23315303D The Search for Disintegrating Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs
Y dos Santos, L. A. 2019A&A...629A..47D The Hubble PanCET program: an extensive search for metallic ions in the exosphere of GJ 436 b
N Dotson, Jessie L. 2019RNAAS...3a..23D Hundreds More Planets Await Discovery in Kepler's K2 Data Set
Y Douglas, E. S. 2019AJ....157...36D Laser Guide Star for Large Segmented-aperture Space Telescopes. I. Implications for Terrestrial Exoplanet Detection and Observatory Stability
Y Dragomir, Diana 2019ApJ...875L...7D TESS Delivers Its First Earth-sized Planet and a Warm Sub-Neptune
Y Dressing, Courtney D. 2019AJ....158...87D Characterizing K2 Candidate Planetary Systems Orbiting Low-mass Stars. IV. Updated Properties for 86 Cool Dwarfs Observed during Campaigns 1─17
Y Dubber, Sophie C. 2019MNRAS.490.5103D Using HARPS-N to characterize the long-period planets in the PH-2 and Kepler-103 systems
Y Dumusque, Xavier 2019A&A...627A..43D Hot, rocky and warm, puffy super-Earths orbiting TOI-402 (HD 15337)
Y Dutta, Somnath 2019MNRAS.487.1765D Optical photometric variable stars towards Cygnus OB7
Y Dvorak, R. 2019MNRAS.488.5604D The formation of habitable planets in the four-planet system HD 141399
N Eastman, Jason D. 2019arXiv190709480E EXOFASTv2: A public, generalized, publication-quality exoplanet modeling code
Y Edelman, Eric 2019ApJ...880..117E Properties of the Interstellar Medium along Sight Lines to Nearby Planet-hosting Stars
Y Edwards, Billy 2019AJ....157..242E An Updated Study of Potential Targets for Ariel
Y Edwards, Billy 2019ExA....47...29E Exoplanet spectroscopy and photometry with the Twinkle space telescope
N Edwards, B. 2019yCat..51570242E VizieR Online Data Catalog: An updated study of potential targets for Ariel (Edwards+, 2019)
Y Eigmüller, Philipp 2019A&A...625A.142E NGTS-5b: a highly inflated planet offering insights into the sub-Jovian desert
N Eisner, N. L. 2019arXiv190909094E Planet Hunters TESS I: TOI 813, a subgiant hosting a transiting Saturn-sized planet on an 84-day orbit
Y Esposito, M. 2019A&A...623A.165E HD 219666 b: a hot-Neptune from TESS Sector 1
N Faillace, George 2019arXiv191100125F Eclipse time variations and the continued search for companions to short period eclipsing binary systems
Y Fan, Siteng 2019ApJ...882L...1F Earth as an Exoplanet: A Two-dimensional Alien Map
Y Feinstein, Adina D. 2019PASP..131i4502F eleanor: An Open-source Tool for Extracting Light Curves from the TESS Full-frame Images
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Year-to-date total: 105 (83 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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Year-to-date total: 65 (50 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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Year-to-date total: 32 (21 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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