This is list by year of papers that acknowledge the NASA Exoplanet Archive or any of the community follow-up programs (i.e., KFOP, CFOP, and ExoFOP), or reference the Archive's PASP paper.

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Year-to-date total: 316 (203 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author ADS Link Title
N Adams, Elisabeth R. 2024arXiv240407339A Doomed Worlds I: No new evidence for orbital decay in a long-term survey of 43 ultra-hot Jupiters
Y Adibekyan, V. 2024A&A...683A.159A Density discrepancy between transit-timing variations and radial velocity: Insights from the host star composition
N Akgün, Taner 2024arXiv240311501A The role of Ohmic dissipation of internal currents on Hot Jupiter radii
Y Alderson, Lili 2024AJ....167..216A JWST COMPASS: NIRSpec/G395H Transmission Observations of the Super-Earth TOI-836b
N Allen, Natalie H. 2024arXiv240520361A HST SHEL: Enabling Comparative Exoplanetology with HST/STIS
Y Almenara, J. M. 2024A&A...683A.166A TOI-4860 b, a short-period giant planet transiting an M3.5 dwarf
Y Alrebdi, H. I. 2024CSF...17914474A Using the eccentric version of the restricted three-body problem to model exosolar systems
N Bachelet, E. 2024arXiv240502230B Estimating microlensing parameters from observables and stellar isochrones with pyLIMASS
N Bachelet, E. 2024arXiv240502223B A close binary lens revealed by the microlensing event Gaia20bof
N Bagheri, Fatemeh 2024arXiv240414468B Exploring Radio Emissions from Confirmed Exoplanets Using SKA
N Bagheri, Fatemeh 2024arXiv240414359B Infrared-Radio-follow-up Observations for Detection of the Magnetic Radio Emission of Extra-Solar Planets: A New Window to Detect Exoplanets
Y Bao, Chunhui 2024AJ....167..286B Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES). I. Astrometric Noise and Planetary Detection Efficiency Due to Stellar Spots and Faculae
Y Barat, Saugata 2024NatAs.tmp...86B The metal-poor atmosphere of a potential sub-Neptune progenitor
N Barkaoui, K. 2024arXiv240506350B Three short-period Earth-sized planets around M dwarfs discovered by TESS: TOI-5720b, TOI-6008b and TOI-6086b
Y Barragán, Oscar 2024RASTI...3..198B REPUBLIC: A variability-preserving systematic-correction algorithm for PLATO's multi-camera light curves
Y Barragán, Oscar 2024MNRAS.tmp.1324B TOI-837 b is a young Saturn-sized exoplanet with a massive 70 M core
N Bashi, Dolev 2024arXiv240512335B Close Binary Fractions in accreted and in-situ Halo Stars
N Batalha, Natalie 2024ESS.....510003B Still Chasing Shadows: Transiting Exoplanets in the Era of JWST
N Battley, M. P. 2024arXiv240402974B NGTS-30 b/TOI-4862 b: An 1 Gyr old 98-day transiting warm Jupiter
Y Beard, Corey 2024AJ....167...70B The TESS-Keck Survey. XVII. Precise Mass Measurements in a Young, High-multiplicity Transiting Planet System Using Radial Velocities and Transit Timing Variations
N Beatty, Thomas G. 2024arXiv240604450B Sulfur Dioxide and Other Molecular Species in the Atmosphere of the Sub-Neptune GJ 3470 b
Y Bell, Aislyn 2024PASP..136e4402B KMT-2023-BLG-1431Lb: A New q < 10‑4 Microlensing Planet from a Subtle Signature
Y Bernabò, L. M. 2024A&A...684A..78B Evidence of apsidal motion and a possible co-moving companion star detected in the WASP-19 system
N Bhaumik, Sattik 2024arXiv240106269B Studying habitability of the exoplanets Kepler-504 b, Kepler-315 b, and Kepler-315 c
Y Bieryla, Allyson 2024MNRAS.52710955B TOI-4641b: an aligned warm Jupiter orbiting a bright (V=7.5) rapidly rotating F-star
Y Blain, Doriann 2024AJ....167..179B A Formally Motivated Retrieval Framework Applied to the High-resolution Transmission Spectrum of HD 189733 b
N Boettner, C. 2024arXiv240208029B Populating The Milky Way: Characterising Planet Demographics by Combining Galaxy Formation Simulations and Planet Population Synthesis Models
Y Boldt-Christmas, Linn 2024A&A...683A.244B Optimising spectroscopic observations of transiting exoplanets
N Bonaca, Ana 2024arXiv240519410B Stellar Streams in the Gaia Era
Y Bonfanti, A. 2024A&A...682A..66B Characterising TOI-732 b and c: New insights into the M-dwarf radius and density valley
N Bonse, Markus J. 2024arXiv240601809B Use the 4S (Signal-Safe Speckle Subtraction): Explainable Machine Learning reveals the Giant Exoplanet AF Lep b in High-Contrast Imaging Data from 2011
Y Booth, Luke 2024MNRAS.530.2166B Cool Gaseous Exoplanets: surveying the new frontier with Twinkle
Y Borsato, N. W. 2024A&A...683A..98B Small but mighty: High-resolution spectroscopy of ultra-hot Jupiter atmospheres with compact telescopes. Transmission spectrum of KELT-9 b with Wendelstein's FOCES spectrograph
N Brady, M. 2024arXiv240510400B Early Results from the HUMDRUM Survey: A Small, Earth-mass Planet Orbits TOI-1450A
Y Brande, Jonathan 2024ApJ...961L..23B Clouds and Clarity: Revisiting Atmospheric Feature Trends in Neptune-size Exoplanets
Y Brasseur, C. E. 2024MNRAS.530.2442B Constraining the coronal properties of AB Dor in the radio regime
Y Burn, Remo 2024NatAs...8..463B A radius valley between migrated steam worlds and evaporated rocky cores
N Burt, Jennifer A. 2024arXiv240514895B TOI-1685 b is a Hot Rocky Super-Earth: Updates to the Stellar and Planet Parameters of a Popular JWST Cycle 2 Target
Y Cabot, Samuel H. C. 2024ApJ...966L..10C High-resolution Spectroscopic Reconnaissance of a Temperate Sub-Neptune
Y Cadieux, Charles 2024ApJ...960L...3C New Mass and Radius Constraints on the LHS 1140 Planets: LHS 1140 b Is either a Temperate Mini-Neptune or a Water World
Y Capistrant, Benjamin K. 2024AJ....167...54C TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). XI. An Earth-sized Planet Orbiting a Nearby, Solar-like Host in the 400 Myr Ursa Major Moving Group
Y Carleo, I. 2024A&A...682A.135C The GAPS programme at TNG. L. TOI-4515 b: An eccentric warm Jupiter orbiting a 1.2 Gyr-old G-star
Y Carter, Jennifer L. 2024AJ....167..222C Hyper Illumination of Exoplanets: Analytical and Numerical Approaches
Y Castro-González, A. 2024A&A...684A.160C Signs of magnetic star-planet interactions in HD 118203. TESS detects stellar variability that matches the orbital period of a close-in eccentric Jupiter-sized companion
N Chachan, Yayaati 2024arXiv240511017C Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT `EM) Survey. V. Two Giant Planets in Kepler-511 but Only One Ran Away
Y Chen, Huiling 2024ApJ...966L..27C The Kinematic and Chemical Properties of the Close-in Planet Host Star 8 UMi
Y Cherubim, Collin 2024ApJ...967..139C Strong Fractionation of Deuterium and Helium in Sub-Neptune Atmospheres along the Radius Valley
Y Cheverall, Connor J. 2024AJ....167..272C Feasibility of High-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy for Low-velocity Exoplanets
Y Chin, Laura 2024ApJ...963L..20C Role of Planetary Radius on Atmospheric Escape of Rocky Exoplanets
N Chontos, Ashley 2024arXiv240207893C The TESS-Keck Survey XXI: 13 New Planets and Homogeneous Properties for 21 Subgiant Systems
N Choza, Carmen 2024RNAAS...8...37C A Radio Technosignature Search of Six Resonant Sub-Neptunes Orbiting HD 110067
Y Choza, Carmen 2024AJ....167...10C The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Technosignature Search of 97 Nearby Galaxies
N Christian, Sam 2024arXiv240510379C Wide Binary Orbits are Preferentially Aligned with the Orbits of Small Planets, but Probably Not Hot Jupiters
N Cilley, Raven 2024AAS...24344503C How many exoplanet transits can we detect in the X-ray band?
Y Clark, Catherine A. 2024AJ....167...56C The POKEMON Speckle Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs. II. Observations of 1125 Targets
Y Clark, Catherine A. 2024AJ....167..174C The POKEMON Speckle Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs. III. The Stellar Multiplicity Rate of M Dwarfs within 15 pc
Y Cointepas, M. 2024A&A...685A..19C TOI-663: A newly discovered multi-planet system with three transiting mini-Neptunes orbiting an early M star
N Conzo, G. 2024RNAAS...8...53C TOI-6883.01: A Single-transit Planet Candidate Detected from TESS
N Cruz, Kelle 2024AAS...24320219C The SIMPLE Archive: A collaboratively-curated database and website of low mass stars, brown dwarfs, and exoplanets
N Cruz, Kelle 2024ESS.....562615C The SIMPLE Archive: A collaboratively-curated database and website of low mass stars, brown dwarfs, and exoplanets
Y Curry, Alfred 2024MNRAS.528.4314C The evolution of catastrophically evaporating rocky planets
Y Dalba, Paul A. 2024ApJS..271...16D Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT 'EM) Survey. IV. Long-term Doppler Spectroscopy for 11 Stars Thought to Host Cool Giant Exoplanets
Y Davidson, James W. 2024AJ....167..117D Observations with the Differential Speckle Survey Instrument. XI. First Year of Observations from Apache Point Observatory
Y de Beurs, Zoë L. 2024MNRAS.529.1047D Characterization of K2-167 b and CALM, a new stellar activity mitigation method
Y Delamer, Megan 2024ApJ...962L..22D TOI-4201: An Early M Dwarf Hosting a Massive Transiting Jupiter Stretching Theories of Core Accretion
Y Desai, Anmol 2024AJ....167..194D The TESS-Keck Survey. XVIII. A Sub-Neptune and Spurious Long-period Signal in the TOI-1751 System
Y Dholakia, Shishir 2024MNRAS.531.1276D Gliese 12 b, a temperate Earth-sized planet at 12 parsecs discovered with TESS and CHEOPS
Y Dmitrienko, E. S. 2024Ap.....67...54D Mass Loss from the Atmosphere of the Planet TOI-1442 c
Y Dransfield, Georgina 2024MNRAS.527...35D A 1.55 R habitable-zone planet hosted by TOI-715, an M4 star near the ecliptic South Pole
Y Dreizler, S. 2024A&A...684A.117D Teegarden's Star revisited. A nearby planetary system with at least three planets
Y Eisner, Nora L. 2024AJ....167..241E Planet Hunters TESS. V. A Planetary System Around a Binary Star, Including a Mini-Neptune in the Habitable Zone
N Enge, Kajetan 2024arXiv240216558E Open Your Ears and Take a Look: A State-of-the-Art Report on the Integration of Sonification and Visualization
N Euclid Collaboration 2024arXiv240513491E Euclid. I. Overview of the Euclid mission
Y Fairnington, Tyler R. 2024MNRAS.527.8768F TOI-5126: a hot super-Neptune and warm Neptune pair discovered by TESS and CHEOPS
Y Falco, Aurélien 2024A&A...683A.194F Hydrogenated atmospheres of lava planets: Atmospheric structure and emission spectra
Y Farret Jentink, C. 2024MNRAS.527.4467F NIGHT: A compact, near-infrared, high-resolution spectrograph to survey helium in exoplanet systems
N Fatheddin, Hossein 2024arXiv240405323F Singular Spectrum Analysis of Exoplanetary Transits
N Feng, Fabo 2024arXiv240308226F Astrometric detection of exoplanets
N Feng, Fabo 2024arXiv240407149F Tianyu: search for the second solar system and explore the dynamic universe
Y Fernández Fernández, Jorge 2024MNRAS.527..911F Survival in the Neptune desert: LTT 9779 b kept its atmosphere thanks to an unusually X-ray faint host star
Y Finnerty, Luke 2024AJ....167...43F Atmospheric Metallicity and C/O of HD 189733 b from High-resolution Spectroscopy
N Fortier, A. 2024arXiv240601716F CHEOPS in-flight performance: A comprehensive look at the first 3.5 years of operations
Y Fridlund, M. 2024A&A...684A..12F Planets observed with CHEOPS. Two super-Earths orbiting the red dwarf star TOI-776
Y Fromont, Emeline F. 2024ApJ...961..115F Atmospheric Escape From Three Terrestrial Planets in the L 98-59 System
Y Fuentes, A. 2024A&C....4700816F Synthetic light curves of exoplanet transit using nanosatellite data
N Gagné, Jonathan 2024arXiv240512860G A Quick Guide to Nearby Young Association
N Gaidos, Eric 2024arXiv240411022G The Radius Distribution of M dwarf-hosted Planets and its Evolution
Y Gajendran, Sridhar 2024MNRAS.528.7202G Constraining planetary formation models using conditional occurrences of various planet types
N Galarza, Jhon Yana 2024arXiv240306240G TOI-1173 A b: The First Inflated Super-Neptune in a Wide Binary System
Y Gan, Tianjun 2024ApJ...967...74G Relative Occurrence Rate between Hot and Cold Jupiters as an Indicator to Probe Planet Migration
N Georgakarakos, Nikolaos 2024arXiv240413746G Empirical stability criteria for 3D hierarchical triple systems I: Circumbinary planets
Y Ghosh, Tuhin 2024MNRAS.527...79G Orbital architectures of Kepler multis from dynamical instabilities
N Gill, Samuel 2024arXiv240507367G TOI-2447 b / NGTS-29 b: a 69-day Saturn around a Solar analogue
Y Gillon, Michaël 2024NatAs.tmp...96G Detection of an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting the nearby ultracool dwarf star SPECULOOS-3
N Ginsburg, Adam 2021zndo....591669G astropy/astroquery: v0.4.7
N Giovinazzi, Mark R. 2024arXiv240604288G Trials and Tribulations in the Reanalysis of KELT-24 b: a Case Study for the Importance of Stellar Modeling
Y Gore, Rebecca 2024ApJS..271...48G Metallicities and Refined Stellar Parameters for 52 Cool Dwarfs with Transiting Planets and Planet Candidates
Y Gratton, R. 2024A&A...685A.119G Stellar companions and Jupiter-like planets in young associations
Y Gully-Santiago, Michael 2024AJ....167..142G A Large and Variable Leading Tail of Helium in a Hot Saturn Undergoing Runaway Inflation
Y Hadjigeorghiou, Andreas 2024MNRAS.527.4018H The positional probability and true host star identification of TESS exoplanet candidates
Y Haldemann, Jonas 2024A&A...681A..96H BICEPS: An improved characterization model for low- and intermediate-mass exoplanets
Y Hamer, Jacob H. 2024AJ....167...55H Kepler-discovered Multiple-planet Systems near Period Ratios Suggestive of Mean-motion Resonances Are Young
Y Han, Cheongho 2024A&A...683A.115H Three sub-Jovian-mass microlensing planets: MOA-2022-BLG-563Lb, KMT-2023-BLG-0469Lb, and KMT-2023-BLG-0735Lb
N Han, Cheongho 2024arXiv240111329H MOA-2022-BLG-563Lb, KMT-2023-BLG-0469Lb, and KMT-2023-BLG-0735Lb: Three sub-Jovian-mass microlensing planets
Y Han, Te 2024AJ....167....4H TOI-5344 b: A Saturn-like Planet Orbiting a Super-solar Metallicity M0 Dwarf
N Hansen, Brad M. S. 2024arXiv240512388H Widespread disruption of resonant chains during protoplanetary disk dispersal
N Hansen, Matthew T. 2024arXiv240303427H Single Transit Detection In Kepler With Machine Learning And Onboard Spacecraft Diagnostics
Y Harada, Caleb K. 2024ApJS..272...30H Setting the Stage for the Search for Life with the Habitable Worlds Observatory: Properties of 164 Promising Planet-survey Targets
Y Hawthorn, Faith 2024MNRAS.528.1841H TESS duotransit candidates from the Southern Ecliptic Hemisphere
Y He, Ying 2024MNRAS.530.3934H Dynamical instabilities in post-disc evolution: hot Jupiters left isolated
Y Heidari, N. 2024A&A...681A..55H The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. XIX. A system including a cold sub-Neptune potentially transiting a V = 6.5 star HD 88986
Y Henderson, Beth A. 2024MNRAS.530..318H NGTS-28Ab: a short period transiting brown dwarf
Y Hill, Michelle L. 2024AJ....167..151H The TESS–Keck Survey. XIX. A Warm Transiting Sub-Saturn-mass Planet and a Nontransiting Saturn-mass Planet Orbiting a Solar Analog
N Hinkel, Natalie R. 2024arXiv240505324H Abundances of Elements in Solar Systems
N Hinkel, Natalie R. 2024arXiv240415422H Host Stars and How Their Compositions Influence Exoplanets
Y Hirano, Teruyuki 2024MNRAS.530.3117H Transit spectroscopy of K2-33b with subaru/IRD: Spin-Orbit alignment and tentative atmospheric helium
Y Hord, Benjamin J. 2024AJ....167..233H Identification of the Top TESS Objects of Interest for Atmospheric Characterization of Transiting Exoplanets with JWST
Y Hori, Yasunori 2024AJ....167..289H The Discovery and Follow-up of Four Transiting Short-period Sub-Neptunes Orbiting M Dwarfs
Y Householder, Aaron 2024AJ....167...84H Investigating the Atmospheric Mass Loss of the Kepler-105 Planets Straddling the Radius Gap
Y Howell, Steve B. 2024AJ....167..258H High-contrast, High-angular-resolution Optical Speckle Imaging: Uncovering Hidden Stellar Companions
N Hsu, Chih-Chun 2024arXiv240508312H Rotation and Abundances of the Benchmark Brown Dwarf HD 33632 Ab from Keck/KPIC High-resolution Spectroscopy
Y Hu, Qingru 2024AJ....167..175H The PFS View of TOI-677 b: A Spin–Orbit Aligned Warm Jupiter in a Dynamically Hot System
N Hutson, Bradley 2024AAS...24310509H Updating the ephemeris and Transit Timing Variation analysis for Hot-Jupiter HAT-P-54b using predominantly small, ground-based telescopes.
N Iglesias Álvarez, Santiago 2024arXiv240213673I Computing Transiting Exoplanet Parameters with 1D Convolutional Neural Networks
Y Ilin, Ekaterina 2024MNRAS.527.3395I Planetary perturbers: flaring star-planet interactions in Kepler and TESS
Y Isaacson, Howard 2024ApJ...961...85I The California-Kepler Survey. XI. A Survey of Chromospheric Activity through the Lens of Precise Stellar Properties
Y Judkovsky, Yair 2024AJ....167..103J Kepler Multitransiting System Physical Properties and Impact Parameter Variations
Y Kane, Stephen R. 2024ApJ...962L..21K Eccentricity Distribution beyond the Snow Line and Implications for Planetary Habitability
Y Kanodia, Shubham 2024AJ....167..161K Searching for Giant Exoplanets around M-dwarf Stars (GEMS) I: Survey Motivation
Y Kar, Aman 2024AJ....167..196K The Solar Neighborhood LI: A Variability Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs with Planets from Months to Decades with TESS and the CTIO/SMARTS 0.9 m Telescope
N Kaushik, Mahima 2024arXiv240409143K Exoplanet Detection : A Detailed Analysis
Y Ke-ting, SHIN 2024ChA&A..48....1K Orbital Eccentricity of Celestial Motion-from Stars to Planets
N Kempton, Eliza M. -R. 2024arXiv240415430K Transiting Exoplanet Atmospheres in the Era of JWST
Y Ketzer, L. 2024MNRAS.527..374K Three young planets around the K-dwarf K2-198: high-energy environment, evaporation history, and expected future
N Kiman, Rocio 2024arXiv240600229K Accurate and Model Independent Radius Determination of Single FGK and M Dwarfs Using Gaia DR3 Data
Y Kipping, David 2024MNRAS.527.3532K The giant nature of WD 1856 b implies that transiting rocky planets are rare around white dwarfs
Y Kirkpatrick, J. Davy 2024ApJS..271...55K The Initial Mass Function Based on the Full-sky 20 pc Census of ˜3600 Stars and Brown Dwarfs
N Krishnamurthy, Vigneshwaran 2024arXiv240315575K Helium in Exoplanet Exospheres: Orbital and Stellar Influences
Y Kuzuhara, Masayuki 2024ApJ...967L..21K Gliese 12 b: A Temperate Earth-sized Planet at 12 pc Ideal for Atmospheric Transmission Spectroscopy
N Kálmán, Szilárd 2024arXiv240513663K Exocomet models in transit: light curve morphology in the optical -- near infrared wavelength range
Y Lam, Christopher 2024AJ....167..254L Ages of "Singles" versus "Multis": Predictions for Dynamical Sculpting over Gyr in the Kepler Sample
Y Lange, Sarah 2024AJ....167..282L The TESS-Keck Survey. VII. A Superdense Sub-Neptune Orbiting TOI-1824
Y Lazovik, Yaroslav A. 2024MNRAS.527.8245L Tidal dissipation in rotating and evolving giant planets with application to exoplanet systems
Y Lehmann, Drake A. 2024OJAp....7E..33L Ephemeris Matching Reveals False Positive Validated and Candidate Planets from the K2 Mission
N Levine, W. Garrett 2024arXiv240519177L Exoplanet Aeronomy: A Case Study of WASP-69b's Variable Thermosphere
Y Li, Canis 2024AJ....167..245L A Search for Temporal Atmospheric Variability of Kepler Hot Jupiters
Y Li, Jian-Kang 2024AJ....167....8L Polarization Criterion in Targeted SETI Observation
Y Li, Zhexing 2024AJ....167..155L Revised Architecture and Two New Super-Earths in the HD 134606 Planetary System
Y Liao, Huiping 2024AJ....167..180L Identifying Exoplanet Candidates Using WaveCeptionNet
N Lichtenberg, Tim 2024arXiv240504057L Super-Earths and Earth-like Exoplanets
N Lillo-Box, J. 2024arXiv240406316L The AstraLux-TESS high-spatial resolution imaging survey. Search for stellar companions of 215 planet candidates from TESS
Y Lim, Gu 2024PASP..136e5001L The Robotic MAAO 0.7 m Telescope System: Performance and Standard Photometric System
N Limbach, Mary Anne 2024arXiv240502408L Exomoons & Exorings with the Habitable Worlds Observatory I: On the Detection of Earth-Moon Analog Shadows & Eclipses
N Limbach, Mary Anne 2024arXiv240508116L Occurrence Rates of Exosatellites Orbiting 3-30MJup Hosts from 44 Spitzer Light Curves
Y Littlefield, Colin 2024AJ....167...74L High-resolution Imaging of a TESS Control Sample: Verifying a Deficit of Close-in Stellar Companions to Exoplanet Host Stars
N Loaiza-Tacuri, V. 2024arXiv240508128L Stellar Characterization and a Chromospheric Activity Analysis of a K2 Sample of Planet-Hosting Stars
Y Lowson, N. 2024MNRAS.527.1146L Two mini-Neptunes transiting the adolescent K-star HIP 113103 confirmed with TESS and CHEOPS
Y Lu, Yuxi(Lucy) 2024AJ....167..159L In This Day and Age: An Empirical Gyrochronology Relation for Partially and Fully Convective Single Field Stars
Y Magliano, Christian 2024MNRAS.528.2851M PLATO on the shoulders of TESS: analysing mono-transit planet candidates in TESS data as a prior knowledge for PLATO observations
Y Mahajan, Alexandra S. 2024ApJ...963L..37M Using JWST Transits and Occultations to Determine ˜1% Stellar Radii and Temperatures of Low-mass Stars
Y Malsky, Isaac 2024ApJ...961...66M A Direct Comparison between the Use of Double Gray and Multiwavelength Radiative Transfer in a General Circulation Model with and without Radiatively Active Clouds
N Mamajek, Eric 2024ESS.....562817M Provisional NASA ExEP Mission Target Star List for the Habitable Worlds Observatory
N Mamajek, Eric 2024arXiv240212414M NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Mission Star List for the Habitable Worlds Observatory (2023)
Y Mamonova, E. 2024A&A...685A.143M Planets similar in size are often dissimilar in interior
Y Mantovan, G. 2024A&A...684L..17M Orbital obliquity of the young planet TOI-5398 b and the evolutionary history of the system
Y Mantovan, G. 2024A&A...682A.129M The GAPS programme at TNG. XLIX. TOI-5398, the youngest compact multi-planet system composed of an inner sub-Neptune and an outer warm Saturn
Y Marocco, Federico 2024ApJ...967..147M Thirteen New M Dwarf + T Dwarf Pairs Identified with WISE/NEOWISE
N Maroudas, M. 2024arXiv240402290M Signals for invisible matter from solar-terrestrial observations
Y Matesic, Michael R. B. 2024AJ....167...68M Gaussian Processes and Nested Sampling Applied to Kepler's Small Long-period Exoplanet Candidates
N Matsukoba, Ryoki 2024arXiv240405805M Metallicity dependence of dust growth in a protoplanetary disk
Y Melton, Elizabeth J. 2024AJ....167..203M DIAmante TESS AutoRegressive Planet Search (DTARPS). II. Hundreds of New TESS Candidate Exoplanets
Y Melton, Elizabeth J. 2024AJ....167..202M DIAmante TESS AutoRegressive Planet Search (DTARPS). I. Analysis of 0.9 Million Light Curves
Y Mendigutía, I. 2024A&A...686L...1M Gas, not dust: Migration of TESS/Gaia hot Jupiters possibly halted by the magnetospheres of protoplanetary disks
Y Ment, Kristo 2024AJ....167..197M LHS 475 b: A Potential Venus Analog Orbiting a Nearby M Dwarf
Y Minglibayev, Mukhtar Zh 2024MNRAS.530.2156M Secular evolution of circumbinary 2-planet systems with isotropically varying masses
Y Mistry, Priyashkumar 2024PASA...41...30M VaTEST III: Validation of eight potential super-earths from TESS data
N Montalto, M. 2024arXiv240518950M The GAPS programme at TNG. LVII. TOI-5076b: A warm sub-Neptune planet orbiting a thin-to-thick-disk transition star in a wide binary system
N Morales-Calderón, M. 2024arXiv240506577M ExoplANETS-A: A VO database for host stars and planetary systems: The effect of XUV on planet atmospheres
N Mordasini, Christoph 2024arXiv240415555M Planet formation -- observational constraints, physical processes, and compositional patterns
Y Morgan, Marvin 2024AJ....167...48M Signs of Similar Stellar Obliquity Distributions for Hot and Warm Jupiters Orbiting Cool Stars
Y Morris, Brett M. 2024A&A...685A.104M Observations of scattered light from exoplanet atmospheres
Y Mousavi-Sadr, Mahdiyar 2024PhDT.........3M Exoplanets Prediction in Multi-Planetary Systems and Determining the Correlation Between the Parameters of Planets and Host Stars Using Artificial Intelligence
Y Murgas, F. 2024A&A...684A..83M Wolf 327b: A new member of the pack of ultra-short-period super-Earths around M dwarfs
Y Narang, Mayank 2024MNRAS.529.1161N A uGMRT search for radio emission from planets around evolved stars
N Nogueira, P. H. 2024arXiv240504723N Astrometric and photometric characterization of η Tel B combining two decades of observations
N Noguer, Federico R. 2024arXiv240519615N Enhancing Exoplanet Ephemerides by Leveraging Professional and Citizen Science Data: A Test Case with WASP-77A b
Y O'Brien, Sean M. 2024AJ....167..238O Planet Hunters NGTS: New Planet Candidates from a Citizen Science Search of the Next Generation Transit Survey Public Data
N Orell-Miquel, J. 2024arXiv240416732O The MOPYS project: A survey of 70 planets in search of extended He I and H atmospheres. No evidence of enhanced evaporation in young planets
Y Orell-Miquel, J. 2024A&A...684A..96O Revisiting the warm sub-Saturn TOI-1710b. The impact of stellar activity on the mass measurement
N Ortiz Ceballos, Kevin N. 2024arXiv240416940O A Volume-Limited Radio Search for Magnetic Activity in 140 Exoplanets with the Very Large Array
Y Osborne, H. L. M. 2024MNRAS.52711138O TOI-544 b: a potential water-world inside the radius valley in a two-planet system
Y Owen, James E. 2024MNRAS.528.1615O Mapping out the parameter space for photoevaporation and core-powered mass-loss
Y Page, Emma 2024AJ....167..109P TOI-1994b: A Low-mass Eccentric Brown Dwarf Transiting A Subgiant Star
N Parc, Léna 2024arXiv240604311P From Super-Earths to Sub-Neptunes: observational constraints and connections to theoretical models
Y Parker, Luke T. 2024MNRAS.531.2356P Into the red: an M-band study of the chemistry and rotation of β Pictoris b at high spectral resolution
Y Parviainen, H. 2024A&A...683A.170P TOI-2266 b: A keystone super-Earth at the edge of the M dwarf radius valley
Y Parviainen, Hannu 2024MNRAS.527.5693P SPRIGHT: a probabilistic mass-density-radius relation for small planets
N Paudel, Rishi R. 2024arXiv240412310P A Multiwavelength Survey of Nearby M dwarfs: Optical and Near-Ultraviolet Flares and Activity with Contemporaneous TESS, Kepler/K2, Swift, and HST Observations
Y Peluso, Daniel O'Conner 2024AJ....167..170P Confirming the Warm and Dense Sub-Saturn TIC 139270665 b with the Automated Planet Finder and Unistellar Citizen Science Network
N Penev, Kaloyan 2024arXiv240307716P Main-sequence exoplanet systems: tidal evolution
N Peng, Bo 2024arXiv240508998P Puffy Venuses: the Mass-Radius Impact of Carbon-Rich Atmospheres on Lava Worlds
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Year-to-date total: 168 (116 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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Year-to-date total: 105 (83 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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Year-to-date total: 65 (50 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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Year-to-date total: 32 (21 peer-reviewed)

Peer-Reviewed First Author Link Title
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