Summary details for M10 & M12 Exoplanet Archive-ETSS Data Sets


Las Campanas Observatory 1m Swope Telescope, Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT 1.3m Telescope.


Various 2048x2048 detectors at LCO and MDM.

Observed Region

The M10 and M12 fields were observed using single pointings centered on the cluster center with fields-of-view of between 15° and 24° on the side.

Observed Filters

Observations of NGC 3201 were conducted in both V and I filters. Exposure times were 600s in both filters for the time-series data, complemented by single-epoch shorter exposures for color-magnitude diagram purposes.

Photometric Technique

The data were processed using standard IRAF routines; photometry was done using DoPHOT, subsequent relative photometry using a customized pipeline (resembling standard differential ensemble photometry). Variability detection was based on a chi-squared algorithm, period determination on Minimum-String-Length and Analysis-of-Variance method.

Data Ranges

The data parameters fall into the following approximate ranges:

Field Min Max
RA (2000) 16 56.362 16 57.947
Dec (2000) -4 17.814 -3 53.875
HJD of the
2450199.91 2451318.86
V magnitude 15.64 24.79
I magnitude 14.16 22.98
Total number of stars - 43930
Number of epochs - ~50
Field Min Max
RA (2000) 16 46.414 16 47.980
Dec (2000) -2 08.677 -1 44.688
HJD of the
2449897.80 245131.82
V magnitude 15.51 25.10
I magnitude 14.33 23.08
Total number of stars - 32378
Number of epochs - ~50

Field Images

Figure 1

Figure 1: Color image of M10 with location of detected variable stars.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Color image of M12 with location of detected variable stars.

Download Data Sets

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M12 summary file IPAC ASCII format table
M12 light curves Download scripts

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