Coming Soon: A New Atmospheric Spectroscopy Table!

The Emission and Transmission Spectroscopy tables will soon be replaced with a new table—providing a unified interface to work with exoplanet atmospheric spectra.

As part of the Exoplanet Archive's ongoing commitment to providing newer and better tools to work with exoplanet data, we're excited to announce the upcoming release of a new table: the Atmospheric Spectroscopy Table!

In summer 2023, you'll have a chance to beta-test the new service. The new table will contain all of the data currently in the Emission and Transmission Spectroscopy tables, both of which will be retired when the new table's BETA period begins later this summer.

A Unified Interface For Browsing Spectra

The Atmospheric Spectroscopy Table will provide a unified interface to browse, visualize, plot, and download all of the archive's emission and transmission spectra and their data points. The new table will also sport the newer, three-panel user interface we've used for other services like the FDL PyATMOS and PSG/INARA contributed data sets.

The following image is a preview of the UI (click to enlarge):

Get Ready to Update Your TAP Queries

The Atmospheric Spectroscopy Table BETA period will also give you a chance to update any existing Table Access Protocol (TAP) queries currently linked to the retiring emission (emissionspec) and transmission (transitspec) data tables. The new table (atmospheres) will also support TAP and have some of the same data columns as the retiring tables. More information about the archive's TAP service is in the TAP User Guide.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we strive to provide an even better Exoplanet Archive!

Last update: 14 July 2023