Location Identification

This page describes the allowed formats for coordinates and object names that can be entered into Archive services. Services using coordinates and object names include Transit and Ephemeris and Explore the Archive/Inventory.

Acceptable Coordinate Formats

The allowed coordinate formats are:

RA Declination
    3 23 45.6
    -37 15 41
    3h 23m 45.6s
    -37d 15m 41s
    50d 56m 24s
    -37d 15m 41s

Where both coordinates are input in a single box, they can be separated by a space or a comma. You can also cut and paste the output of other services, such as CDS (SIMBAD).

Object Names

The Archive accepts any object name that can be resolved by CDS (SIMBAD).

Examples of valid object names include:

51 Peg b HD 209458 alf Cen B
Arcturus Kepler-186 f LkCa-15

Last updated: 8 December 2015