The Exoplanet Archive offers search and filtering capabilities for exoplanets, Kepler candidates and time series data sets. All data in the Exoplanet Archive are vetted by a team of astronomers and are linked to the original literature references.

The Exoplanet Archive supports interactive visualization of images, spectra, and time series data. The Exoplanet Archive maintains its own stellar cross-identification to minimize ambiguity in multiple star components.

The Exoplanet Archive offers direct access to frequently accessed tables:

The Exoplanet Archive has a dedicated interface for transit survey data sets. The Exoplanet Archive also serves the public Kepler light curves. The Exoplanet Archive is the U.S. portal to the public CoRoT mission data for both the Exoplanet and Asteroseismology data sets. The Exoplanet Archive also serves ground-based transit survey data including the TrES observations of the Kepler field and KELT observations of the Praesepe field.

Stars in the Exoplanet Archive

  • Exoplanet host stars
  • Stars in transit survey programs

Stellar and Exoplanet Content

Exoplanet Content Stellar Parameters
Published parameters for known exoplanets  
Published Parameters Published Parameters
  • Number of Planets
  • Planetary Mass
  • Orbital Period
  • Orbital Semi-Major Axis
  • Orbital Eccentricity
  • Link to Exoplanet Encyclopedia Entry
  • Position, Distances
  • Kinematics
  • Photometry, Colors
  • Spectral type
  • Luminosity Class
  • Metallicity
  • Rotation
  • Activity Indicators
  • Variability
  • Multiplicity
Predicted Parameters Derived Parameters
  • Habitable Zone
  • Astrometric Wobble
  • Radial Velocity Wobble
  • Earth-sized Transit Depth
  • Jupiter-sized Transit Depth
  • Temperature
  • Luminosity
  • Radius
  • Mass
  • LSR Space Motion
Associated Data Associated Data
  • High-contrast images
  • Light curves of transiting systems
  • Radial velocity curves of exoplanet systems
  • Images
  • Spectra
Examples of Associated Data
  • Next 2000 (N2K) Stars template spectra
  • Coronographic images from Palomar
  • 2MASS image mosaics

Exoplanet Transit Survey Service Content

The transit survey data currently contained within the Exoplanet Archive include:

  • Data Release 1 of the SuperWASP Project.
  • Data Release 1 of the XO Project.
  • Observations by the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet).
  • Public Observations by the Kepler Mission.
  • Observations by the Convection, Rotation, Transit (CoRoT) Satellite.
  • Observations of the Kepler field by the Trans-atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES).
  • Observations of the Praesepe field by the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT).
  • Observations of NGC2301 by Howell et al.
  • Observations of NGC3201, M10, and M12 by von Braun et al.

Exoplanet Transit Survey Content

Survey Region Number of Objects Time-Series Filter Additional Static Filters Time Span (days) Number of Epochs Number of Light Curves
SuperWASP 17971001 First year: CCD White light; Additional years: Broadband 400-700nm 1560 < ~75000 17971001
XO 2047 W (XO) JHK (2MASS) 486 < ~3500 2047
HATNet 2656 I/R Cousins JHK (2MASS), BV Johnson, I Cousins 1996 ~1100 - ~12000 6047
Kepler Field 207701 CCD White light g, r, i, z, J, H, & Ks 1437 ~500 - ~53500 2895457
CoRoT-Exoplanet 149456 CCD White light and 3 color Prism B, V, R, & I ~1880 3400 – 396500 160694
CoRoT-Seismology 139 CCD White light V ~1981 62000 – 423000 150
TrES-Lyr1 25947 r, R B, V 75 ~15000 25947
KELT-Praesepe 66637 RK 73 ~3000 66637
NGC 2301 3961 R B, R 14 ~150 3961
NGC 3201 58666 V, I V, I 700 ~120 58666
M 10 43930 V, I V, I 500 ~50 43930
M 12 32378 V, I V, I 500 ~50 32378