The Exoplanet Archive's collection of known exoplanets have been discovered using a variety of methods, and many have been detected using more than one method. The following table shows the number of planets contained within the Exoplanet Archive whose discovery can be attributed to a particular technique. The criteria by which a planet is included in the Exoplanet Archive may be found on our Exoplanet Criteria page.

All Exoplanet Counts

Discovery MethodNumber of Planets
Radial Velocity510
Transit timing variations15
Eclipse timing variations7
Pulsar timing variations5
Pulsation timing variations1
Orbital brightness modulations3

All Exoplanets1739
Transiting Exoplanets1157

Kepler Mission Counts

Confirmed planets
(mission and community)
Total candidates and confirmed4234
Candidates in habitable zone
(180 K < T < 310 K)
Eclipsing binaries2177