2017 Exoplanet Archive News

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January 12, 2017

Happy new year! We are ushering in 2017 with the following:

  1. One New Planet: We've added K2-105 b to the Confirmed Planets table. (Fun fact: This same time last year we added K2-25 b, so there have been 80 K2 planets confirmed in a year's time.)
  2. More Emission Spectroscopy: We have completed the backfill of the published emission spectroscopy literature into our database! Check out the interactive table and let us know if there are missing values by submitting a Helpdesk ticket.
  3. K2 Campaign 12 Targets: These are now available through our K2 Targets search interface, or by using our API service by specifying &where=k2_campaign=12 in your query.
  4. Updated Kepler Document: An erratum has been published for the DR24 Window Functions; users of these functions should consult the revised documentation (KSCI-19085-002.pdf; see Section 4).