Downloading Time Series Data in Bulk

The Exoplanet Archive serves a variety of spectra and time series data that can be downloaded in bulk using the wget scripts linked to this page.

To use these scripts, you must have wget installed and included in your environment path before executing the scripts. For more information about installing and using wget, please read the wget help page.

Time Series Data

Dataset Description Download File File Creation Date
AMATEUR NStED serves approximately 540 light curves for approximately 40 stars known to host exoplanets. These light curves have been obtained of exoplanet transits by amateur astronomers from around the world. A more detailed summary of these data is available here. NStED/wget_AMATEUR.bat 03/07/2011
HIPPARCOS NStED serves approximately 125005 light curves as released by the Hipparcos mission. NStED/wget_HIPPARCOS.bat 03/07/2011
PHOTOMETRIC NStED serves approximately 143 published light curves for approximately 50 stars known to host exoplanets. The majority of these light curves are known transiting exoplanets and exoplanets detected by microlensing. NStED/wget_PHOTOMETRIC.bat 03/07/2011
RADIAL NStED serves approximately 692 published radial velocity curves for approximately 300 stars known to host exoplanets. NStED/wget_RADIAL.bat 03/07/2011

Exoplanet Transit Survey Service (ETSS) Data

ETSS serves high-precision photometric surveys for transiting exoplanets from various projects and missions, including CoRoT, Kepler, TrES, and HATNet.

Dataset Description Download File File Creation Date
CoRoT Astero-seismology Astero-seismology target observations by the Convection, Rotation, Transit Satellite (CoRoT). ETSS/NStED_CoRoT_asteroseismology_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
Corot Exoplanet Exoplanet survey observations by the Convection, Rotation, Transit Satellite (CoRoT). ETSS/NStED_CoRoT_exoplanet_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
Clusters Observations of NGC2301, NGC3201, M10 and M12. ETSS/NStED_cluster_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
TrES Observations of the Kepler field by the Trans-atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES). ETSS/NStED_TrES_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
Kepler Public observations by the Kepler Mission. ETSS/NStED_Kepler_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
HATNet Observations by the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet). ETSS/NStED_HATNet_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
KELT Observations of the Praesepe field by the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT). ETSS/NStED_KELT_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07
XO Data release 1 of the XO Project. ETSS/NStED_XO_download.tar.gz 2011-03-07