The Exoplanet Archive Team

Anastasia Laity, System Engineer and Developer

David Ciardi, Archive Scientist

Doug McElroy, Developer

Ed Jackson, Database Administrator

Elise Furlan, ExoFOP Science Support

Jessie Christiansen, Archive Scientist

John Good, System Architect and Developer

Julian van Eyken, Archive Scientist

Marcy Harbut, Technical Writer

Meca Lynn, Test Engineer and Developer

Megan Crane, Developer

Melanie Swain, Developer

Mike Papin, Developer

Rachel Akeson, Task Lead

Raymond Tam, Data Analyst

Solange Ramirez, Archive Scientist

Tracy Chen, Data Analyst

Student Contributors

The Archive would like to thank and acknowledge the following students for their valuable contributions:

Dominic Yurk

Eric Lin

Mason MacDougall

Matthew Arena

Noah Ferich

Sofia Melian-Morse

Victor Venturi

Last updated: February 14, 2017