Accepted Identifiers and Catalogs

The Exoplanet Archive maintains its own list of cross-identifications for every star in the the Exoplanet Archive. To search on a single star, enter the star name in the search box. If the star name is recognized by the Exoplanet Archive, the user is taken directly to the Exoplanet Archive Overview page for that star.

If the user enters the name of star that has been identified by the Exoplanet Archive as being part of a multiple system, the user will be given the choice to select between either component of the system. For example, if a user enters 83 Leo, the Exoplanet Archive returns the list of stellar components (83 Leo A, 83 Leo B) and asks the user to chose the appropriate stellar component.


If a user enters a name that is not recognized by the Exoplanet Archive, it is possible that the user has used an alias which is unknown to the Exoplanet Archive but is known to SIMBAD. The user input is passed to SIMBAD and NED to search for additional aliases which may be recognized by the Exoplanet Archive.

If no SIMBAD or NED alias is found, the user is notified that the input is not recognized by the Exoplanet Archive, SIMBAD or NED.


If the input is recognized by SIMBAD, the user is given a list of SIMBAD aliases. The alias list is matched against the Exoplanet Archive alias list to search for an Exoplanet Archive entry. The full SIMBAD-Exoplanet Archive matching is displayed to allow the user to determine if the correct star has been identified. If multiple Exoplanet Archive sources are associated with a given SIMBAD alias, the multiple matches are also shown. The Exoplanet Archive object column provides a direct link to all matched entries in the Exoplanet Archive.

For example, HD 41004 is in the Exoplanet Archive, but the alias GSC 08092-00538 is not recognized by the Exoplanet Archive. Entering GSC 08092-00538 into the Exoplanet Archive triggers a query to SIMBAD for a list of additional aliases. The aliases are matched to aliases recognized by the Exoplanet Archive. In the case of HD 41004, there is an A and B component which is also indicated in the matched results. If the input is recognized by SIMBAD, a direct link to the SIMBAD entry is provided.


If the alias is recognized by SIMBAD but is classified as a non-Galactic object, a link to the NED entry is also provided. (example: M 31).


The following table lists the recommended identifiers to use when looking up information on a single object in the Exoplanet Archive.

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