Kepler Data Release Notes

The NASA Exoplanet Archive serves public Kepler light curves. As part of the NASA Exoplanet Archive service, the data are formatted into ASCII for human and machine readable use, and a standard set of time series statistics are performed on the light curves including the calculation of the mean, median, dispersion, and chi-square.

Reprocessed Kepler light curves from quarters 0-17 are now available in the archive. You can access the FITS files by clicking the Kepler Light Curves link on the left of our home page. The reprocessing makes use of an updated version of the SOC pipeline that includes several improvements, including an improved detrending algorithm (i.e., multi-scale PDC MAP) that removes instrumental artifacts while retaining astrophysical signals. For more information, please see the data release notes here.

See this document (link) from the Kepler project describing a smearing error that affects all short cadence data in releases Q1-17 DR24 and earlier.