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Exoplanet Transit Ephemeris User Guide

The Exoplanet Transit Ephemeris Service provides a user-friendly interface where you can generate ephemerides and visible transit times of exoplanets, accurate within one minute. Click the links to the left to learn more about its usage and how the underlying calculations are done.

This service is based on the transit prediction service (formerly transitsearch.org) developed by Dr. Greg Laughlin (UC Santa Cruz). The algorithms used here differ slightly from those used by Dr. Laughlin, and, combined with differences in some input data, generated ephemerides may differ. A short discussion of the differences can be found on the How Ephemerides are Computed page.

May 21 2010: New Features: Ephemerides can now also be generated using known transit midpoints and transit durations!

Transiting planet

A rendering of a exoplanet transit light curve, showing a decrease in brightness as the planet crosses the disk of the star.